Philip Sear

Philip Sear (piano)
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Abelardo, Nicanor - Nocturne No. 1
Adhemar, Abel - Romance without words for piano (1849)
Agnew, Roy - 2 Piano Solos
Aletter, Wilhelm - `The Aroma of a Rose`, a play a la Gavotte for piano (1911)
Alferaki, Achilles - Mazurka for piano, op.27/2
Alyabyev, Alexander - Piece in g minor for piano
Amani, Nikolay - 2 Valses for piano, op. 5
Amani, Nikolay - 3 Préludes for piano, op. 8
Andre, Johann Anton - Sonatina for Piano in A Minor, op. 34a
Andre, Johann Anton - Sonatina for Piano in G Major, op. 34b
Ansorge, Conrad - Dream Pictures, 6 piano pieces, op. 8
Arone, Armand - Arietta for piano (1891)
Ascher, Emil - Heavenly sounds for piano (1882)
Ascher, Emil - Hunter song for piano (1885)
Ashton, Algernon - Barcarole for piano
Astort-y-Ribas, Pedro - Gentillesse, Valse-sérénade for piano (1917)
Astort-y-Ribas, Pedro - `Desire of my heart`, slow waltz for piano
Azarashvili, Vazha - Nocturne for piano (1986)
Azarashvili, Vazha - Nostalgia, piece for piano (1991)
Bach, Leonhard Emil - Awakening Of Spring, romance for piano
Bachmann, Georges - The sylphs, Valse Caprice for piano
Bachmann, Georges - `Carillon`, piece for piano
Bachmann, Georges - `Cicada`, waltz-ballet for piano (1889)
Bachmann, Georges - `Swallows`, waltz-caprice for piano (1893)
Barbirolli, Alfredo - Child naivety, Bluette for piano
Barbot, Paul - Air favori de Henri IV for piano, op. 97
Barbot, Paul - Ma perle noire, dance for piano, op.121
Baron, Maurice - Eastern dreams, Poem for Orchestra
Baron, Maurice - Idylle japonaise for Orchestra
Baron, Maurice - Meditation for piano
Bartel, Gunther - Neujahrsfreuden im Alpendorfe for piano
Bartel, Gunther - Serenade for piano
Bartel, Gunther - Valse lente for piano
Bass, Roderich - Barcarole for Piano, . 31/1
Bass, Roderich - Graceful Serenade for Piano, . 31/2
Bass, Roderich - Old Viennese Dances for piano, op. 35
Bass, Roderich - Viennese grimaces for piano
Battmann, Jacques-Louis - At my beautiful castle, bluette for piano
Battmann, Jacques-Louis - Remembering a beautiful day, Mélodie for piano, op.174
Bazin, Joseph - Oriental Intermezzo for Piano
Beer, B. - 2 Musical Thoughts for piano
Beer, B. - Mazurka for Piano in E Minor (c. 1890)
Beethoven, Ludwig van - 6 waltzes for piano (doubtful authorship), Anh.14
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Waltz `Adieu`, or `Glaube, Liebe, und Hoffnung` for Piano in F-dur (apocrypha), Anh.15
Behr, Franz - Gipsy Serenade for piano
Behr, Franz - Love Song for Piano (1867), .116
Behr, Franz - Valse des Elfes for piano, op.497
Behr, Franz - `In a gypsy camp`, piece for piano (c. 1880), .424/3
Behr, Franz - `Melancholy`, elegiac thought for piano, .233
Bellak, James - Coaxing Polka for piano
Bellak, James - Musket Galop for piano, op.176
Bellak, James - Rough and Ready Polka for piano
Berens, Hermann - `Spring Evening`, nocturne for piano (1871), . 91/2
Berge, Irenee - Andante pathétique for Orchestra
Berge, Irenee - Concert Waltz for Piano (1915)
Berge, Irenee - Dramatic Andante for Orchestra, IIB 13
Berge, Irenee - La machine a coudre, Fantaisie for piano (1906)
Berge, Irenee - May serenade for piano
Berge, Irenee - `Young Japanese`, a geisha dance for piano (1917)
Bergson, Michal - Chant du troubadour for piano, op. 41
Bernard, Emile - Arrangement of Mozart K. 524 song for piano solo
Bernard, Paul - Remember, Nocturne for piano, op. 88
Bertini, Henri Jerome - 50 Préludes for piano, op.141
Bertini, Henri Jerome - `Sailors`, melodic sketch for piano, op.142/23
Beyer, Ferdinand - Miss Lucy Long for piano
Beyer, Ferdinand - Star Banner, Rondinetto for Piano, . 93/5
Blake, Charles Dupee - Angel`s Greeting, piece for piano, op.110
Blockx, Jan - Duo sentimental for piano
Blockx, Jan - Intermezzo for piano
Blockx, Jan - Lullaby for Piano
Blockx, Jan - Serenade from the pantomime ballet Milenka for piano (1888)
Blockx, Jan - Sketch for piano
Blumenthal, Jacques - Swan Song, melody for piano
Bohm, Carl - A flying dove, salon piece for piano (c. 1900), .347, 5
Bohm, Carl - A la Valse, A Little Impromptu for Piano (1900), op.301
Bohm, Carl - Addio a Napoli, Nocturne for Piano (1882?), op.258
Bohm, Carl - Angel Bell, piece for piano (1885), .324, 1
Bohm, Carl - Attaque des Ulans, Galop for Piano 4 Hands, op.213
Bohm, Carl - Butterfly, salon piece for piano (1899), .302, 3
Bohm, Carl - Evening Meditation for Piano (1883), .302, 6
Bohm, Carl - Girl`s Dream, Fantasy for piano (1866), . 41
Bohm, Carl - Happy and Gay, for Piano (1876?), op. 99
Bohm, Carl - Hunting Fanfare for Piano (1873), .120, 2
Bohm, Carl - Impromptu Mazurka for Piano (1887), .302, 4
Bohm, Carl - In a Gondola, for Piano, op.254, 3
Bohm, Carl - In an alpine hut, piece for piano (1875), .175
Bohm, Carl - Jager`s Gruss, for Piano, op.309
Bohm, Carl - La Fontaine, piece for piano (1878), op.221
Bohm, Carl - May dance, salon piece for piano (1880s), .280
Bohm, Carl - Melanie, salon mazurka for piano (1882), .278
Bohm, Carl - Rose, for Piano, op. 94, 1
Bohm, Carl - Salon Pieces for Piano - No. 4 `Kiss of the Hand` (mazurka), .327, 4
Bohm, Carl - Salon Pieces for Piano - No. 42 `Teresa` (Nocturne), .327, 42
Bohm, Carl - Salon pieces for piano - No. 8 `Spring drops`, .327, 8
Bohm, Carl - Salon Pieces for Piano - 44 `Dandelion` (rondo-scherzozo), .327, 44
Bohm, Carl - Salon Pieces for Piano - 67 `Dear Memories` (Nocturne), .327, 67
Bohm, Carl - Salon Pieces for Piano. 2 `Am Bergquell`, op.327, 2
Bohm, Carl - Salon Pieces for Piano. 16 `Flittergold`, op.327, 16
Bohm, Carl - Salon Pieces for Piano. 45 `Fadette`, op.327, 45
Bohm, Carl - Salon Pieces for Piano. 55 `Zur Parade`, op.327, 55
Bohm, Carl - Salon Pieces for Piano. 64 `Chasse aux Papillons`, op.327, 64
Bohm, Carl - Tanzgeisterchen, for Piano (1883), op.284
Bohm, Carl - The Oracle of Love, melody for piano (1883), .289
Bohm, Carl - `Dear child`, elegant piece for piano (1885), .321
Bohm, Carl - `Farewell to the Alps`, idyll for piano (1876), .205
Bohm, Carl - `Greetings to the beloved`, mazurka for piano, .327, 6
Bohm, Carl - `In the twilight hour`, a dream for piano (1885), .323, 2
Bohm, Carl - `Little Jewelry Shop`, Salon Waltz for Piano (1890), .337
Boisdeffre, Rene de - Romance without words for piano (1868), . 7/1
Boisdeffre, Rene de - Villanela for Piano (1866), . 38/6
Boscovitz, Frederic - Gondoline, Barcarolle for piano (1891), op.163
Bourgault-Ducoudray, Louis-Albert - Simple melody for piano (c. 1906)
Bovy-Lysberg, Charles Samuel - Idylle for Piano, op. 62
Bovy-Lysberg, Charles Samuel - Sur l`onde, Romance sans paroles for piano, op. 94
Bovy-Lysberg, Charles Samuel - The Voice of the Bells, a poem for piano (1860), .103
Bowden, Mary - Balletto for piano, op. 12
Bowden, Mary - The happy dawn, piece for piano, op. 26
Bowden, Mary - Valse-impromptu No.1 for piano, op. 9
Bowden, Mary - Valse-impromptu No.2 for piano, op. 19
Butler, Leonard - 2 Caprices for Piano (1921)
Butler, Leonard - Asterix, Suite for Piano (1922)
Butler, Leonard - The Plowman`s Song, piece for piano (1919)
Butler, Leonard - The Song of the Tillinburn River, piece for piano (1920)
Butler, Leonard - Tintern Abbey, piece for piano (1921)
Butler, Leonard - `Amid the noise of leaves and the murmur of streams`, piece for piano (1921)
Butler, Leonard - `At Dusk`, rhapsody for piano (1921)
Butler, Leonard - `Christmas`, suite for piano (1921)
Butler, Leonard - `Four Little Songs from the Top of the Mountain`, Suite for Piano (1922)
Butler, Leonard - `From the slopes of Surrey`, suite for piano (1920)
Butler, Leonard - `In June`, piece for piano (1921)
Butler, Leonard - `In the Heart of the Garden`, piece for piano (1931)
Butler, Leonard - `In the Sun`, piece for piano (1931)
Butler, Leonard - `Morning Song`, piece for piano (1919)
Butler, Leonard - `On the Summer Shore`, piece for piano (1921)
Butler, Leonard - `Port of London and the Homeless`, two pieces for piano (1935)
Butler, Leonard - `Song of the Fountain`, piece for piano
Butler, Leonard - `Song of the Old Mill`, piece for piano (1920)
Butler, Leonard - `Swaying Tree Tops`, piece for piano (1920)
Butler, Leonard - `Through the Pine`, piece for piano (1920)
Butler, Leonard - `To the Sweetheart in the Garden`, piece for piano (1931)
Butler, Leonard - `With the onset of darkness`, piano nocturne
Carse, Adam - 3 miniatures for piano
Cellot, Henri - `Rien n`est sacré pour un sapeur`
Chandelier, Albert - Alla Mazurka for Piano (1874)
Chandelier, Albert - Barcarolle for piano, op. 15
Chandelier, Albert - Berceuse for piano, op. 14
Chandelier, Albert - Fantoche, Air de ballet for piano, op. 29
Chandelier, Albert - Happy Tale, piece for piano, op. 22
Chandelier, Albert - Tale of Jadis, piece for piano, op. 20
Charbonnet-Kellermann, Alice Ellen - `Marta`, piece for piano
Chesneau, Carl - Lucie, Polka for piano, op. 20
Claussmann, Aloys - Souvenir of Auvergne for piano, op. 76
Concone, Giuseppe - 20 Singing Studies for piano, op. 30
Cury, Ernest - 24 Little Rhythmic Etudes for Piano
Czibulka, Alphons - Gavotte de la Princesse for piano, op.334
Czibulka, Alphons - Hungarian Reflections, piece for piano, .329/2
Czibulka, Alphons - Love`s dream after the ball, Intermezzo for strings and harp, op.356
Czibulka, Alphons - To you! Valse Serenade for piano, op.390
Danbe, Jules - Loneliness (Solitude), melody for piano (1902)
David, Adolphe - Musical picture for piano
David, Adolphe - Petite valse alsacienne for piano
Decq, Adhemar - Music box and cuckoo, piece for piano
Delahaye, Leon - Blue dreams for piano, op. 22
Delahaye, Leon - Sérénade for piano, op. 13
Delahaye, Leon - `Columbine`, minuet for piano, op. 15
Delioux, Charles - Chanson russe for piano
Delioux, Charles - Feuillet d`Album for piano, op. 31
Diemer, Louis-Joseph - Barcarole for piano, op. 11/2
Diemer, Louis-Joseph - Oriental melody number 7 for piano
Diemer, Louis-Joseph - Serenade for piano, op. 11/3
Dietrich, Maurice - `Le gondolier`, barcarole for piano (1872), op. 55
Doring, Karl Heinrich - Song without words for piano (1910), op. 372
Dressler, William - The New York Ladies Schottisch for piano
Duvernoy, Victor-Alphonse - Ballade for piano, op. 8/1
Duvernoy, Jean-Baptiste - In the mountains, Rondo villageois for piano, op.239
Duvernoy, Victor-Alphonse - Promenade for piano, op. 8/4
Duvernoy, Victor-Alphonse - Sérénade for piano, op. 8/2
d`Hardelot, Guy - Because for vocal and piano (1902)
Elliott, Percy - Love song for piano
Escher, Franco - Ave Maria for piano
Esnaola, Juan Pedro - Counter-dance for piano in F minor
Evers, Carl - `Prayer of the Madonna`, melody for piano (c. 1865)
Faulkes, William - Berceuse in G major for Organ
Fielitz, Alexander von - Idyll for piano op. 37
Fischhof, Robert - `Poem of Love` (Poëme d`Amour), piece for piano (1894) op.47bis
Forster, Alban - Polchetta for Piano
Foster, Myles Birket - Aria `O rest in the Lord` (from Mendelssohn) for piano
Francke, Richard - Promenade, piece for piano (c. 1886), op. 5
Frontini, Martino - Sicilian song for piano (1906)
Gabriel-Marie, Jean - Ariette
Gabriel-Marie, Jean - Joking Serenade for Piano
Gabriel-Marie, Jean - Mischievous serenade for piano
Gael, Henri van - Good mother for piano, op. 36
Gael, Henri van - `To your charm`, tune for piano, . 95
Gall, Jan - Little Waltz for Piano, op. 30/1
Galos, Giselle - Le lac de Côme, ,Nocturne No.6 for piano Op.24
Geibel, Adam - Gavotte Allemand for Piano
Geibel, Adam - Reverie Romantique for piano
Gillet, Ernest - Madrigal for piano
Gillet, Ernest - Meditation for piano
Gillet, Ernest - `Grandmother behind the spinning wheel`, piece for piano
Glover, Stephen - Wandering Wind song for vocals and piano
Gobbaerts, Jean Louis - 12 Very Easy and Melodious Studies for piano, op. 63
Gobbaerts, Jean Louis - Devil`s gallop for piano, op. 42
Goldbeck, Robert - Elegy (Obituary) for piano (1878)
Goldbeck, Robert - `Manitou`, idyll for piano (1878)
Goldbeck, Robert - `White and Red Roses`, salon piece for piano
Goria, Alexandre - Mazurka No.1 for piano, op. 5
Grant-Schaefer, George Alfred - Butterflies, Piece for piano
Gregh, Louis - Élégie pastorale for piano (1876), op. 10
Gregh, Louis - ʻEvening Echo`, a dream for piano, . 98/2
Gregh, Louis - Ball Whisper, Intermezzo for piano, op. 66
Gregh, Louis - The Watteau shepherds, Air de danse Louis XV for piano, op. 5
Gregh, Louis - `Shepherd`s pipe`, pastoral for piano
Griboedov, Alexander - Waltzes for piano
Grutzmacher, Friedrich - Albumblatt for piano, op. 66
Gutmann, Adolf - Nocturne for Piano in A Flat Major, op. 16/1
Gutmann, Adolf - `Fisherman`s Song`, barcarole for piano, op. 46
Hall, Frederick - Arabian Love Song for violin and piano
Hannikainen, Ilmari - Autumn Thought for piano, op. 20/1
Hauser, Miska - Lullaby for piano Op. 11/2
Heins, Carl - `Desire of the Heart`, salon piece for piano
Henrion, Paul - ʻEvening` (Le soir), nocturne for piano Op. 26
Henrion, Paul - Rêverie for piano
Hess, Charles - Ode à la lune for piano
Hill, Mildred Jane - Happy Birthday to You/Good Morning to All, song for vocal and piano (1893)
Hitz, Franz - Georgian Dance for piano, op.191
Hunten, Franz - Brilliant Variations on a Meyerbeer Cavatine for piano, op. 41
Jungmann, Albert - Sympathie, mélodie for piano (ca, 1865), op.205
Kammerer, Carl - Salon-Walzer for piano (1897)
Kania, Emanuel - 3 Evening Thoughts for Piano (1855), op. 9
Kania, Emanuel - Styrian Romance for Piano (1862), op. 24
Kashperova, Leokadiya - Two Autumn Leaves, piece for piano (1908)
Kashperova, Leokadiya - Two Roses, piece for piano (1908)
Kelly, Joseph - Dreams of the evening! for piano, op. 54
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - Aragonese Dance for Piano (1914), op. 311
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - Fantaisie Berceuse for Piano (1909), op.105
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - Mexican Dance for Piano (1936), op. 704
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - Morceau à la Mazurka (1917), op. 331
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - Valse Episode for Piano (1907), op. 160
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - `Ariel`, Scherzo Valse for Piano (1906), op. 151
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - `Hearts and Secrets`, Intermezzo for Piano (1909), op. 69
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - `Juanita`, Waltz for Piano (1945), op. 726
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - `Lily Bells`, Piece for Piano (1908), op. 24
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - `Pearls of Dew`, Capriccietto for Piano (1908), op. 29
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - `The Gallant Barkantine`, Barcarolle for Piano (1937)
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - `The Pretty Shepherdess`, Idyl for Piano (1909), op. 66
Kern, Carl Wilhelm - `Where the Roses Bloom`, Song without Words (1907), op. 167
Ketterer, Eugene - Chanson Créole for piano, op. 56
Ketterer, Eugene - Chant du Lido, Rêverie nocturne for piano, op.177
Ketterer, Eugene - Gaëtana, Mazurka para piano, op.101
Ketterer, Eugene - Idylle for piano, op.219
Ketterer, Eugene - Nuit d`Orient, Rêverie for piano, op.161
Kiefert, Carl - Pastoral for Orchestra
Kiefert, Carl - Withered Flowers for Orchestra
Kinkel, Charles - Heavenly Thoughts for piano
Kleber, Henry - The Fancy Polka for piano
Kleber, Henry - The Pearl Polka for piano
Kleffel, Arno - Albumblatt for piano
Kontski, Anton - Melodic sketch on the Romance `Rappele-Toi` for piano, op. 99
Kontski, Anton - The ruins of Hapsal, Méditation for piano, op.174
Korganov, Genary - A dream, Phantasiestucke for Piano, op. 26
Korganov, Genary - Adieu (Melodie) for piano, op. 20/1
Korganov, Genary - Etude in C minor for piano
Korganov, Genary - In the gondola, Barcarolle for piano, op. 20/6
Korganov, Genary - Lullaby for Piano, op. 20/11
Korganov, Genary - Rêverie du soir for piano, op. 20/7
Korganov, Genary - Romance for Piano, op. 20/9
Korganov, Genary - Romance sans paroles for piano, op. 8/1
Korganov, Genary - Sérénade for piano, op. 20/4
Korganov, Genary - Valse for piano, op. 20/3
Korniloff, Ivan - `Elegy`, waltz for piano (c. 1902?)
Koven, Reginald De - Oh Promise Me, song for vocal and piano, op. 50
Koven, Reginald De - Past and Future, song for vocal and piano, op. 72
Kowalski, Henri - Chanson indienne for piano (1872), op. 25
Kowalski, Henri - Dolor!, Elégie for piano, op. 67
Kroeger, Ernest Richard - 2 Albumblätter for piano
Kroeger, Ernest Richard - Nocturne in F minor for piano
Krzyzanowski, Ignacy - Romance for Piano, op. 18
Kuhe, Wilhelm - `At the Sea`, barcarole for piano, op. 76
Kuhe, Wilhelm - `Good night`, musical thought for piano (1857), op. 61
La Tombelle, Fernand de - Artistic sketch for piano, op. 32/1
La Tombelle, Fernand de - Pavane for piano
La Tombelle, Fernand de - `Chinese Shadows`, picture for piano (1897)
Ladukhin, Nikolay - Sad song for piano
Lamothe, Georges - Madrigal of Francis I for piano (1876), op.108
Lamothe, Georges - Winter, Rondo Waltz for Piano, op. 75/4
Lamothe, Georges - `Spring`, idyll for piano, op. 75/1
Lange, Gustav - ʻIn the room behind the spinning wheel`, genre picture for piano (1885), op.344
Lange, Gustav - A Morning Walk in the Woods. piece for piano, op. 86
Lange, Gustav - Absence, piece for piano
Lange, Gustav - Barcarole for Piano (1868), op. 61
Lange, Gustav - Chapel in the Woods, Mazurka for piano, op. 14
Lange, Gustav - Edelweiss, Idylle for piano, op. 31
Lange, Gustav - Faithful Love, Melodie for piano, op. 29
Lange, Gustav - Farewell, Meditation for piano, op. 15
Lange, Gustav - Flower Song, Melodie for piano, op. 39
Lange, Gustav - From Life May, 6 pieces for piano (1879), op.292
Lange, Gustav - Habanera from the opera Carmen (according to Bizet) for piano
Lange, Gustav - Herzeleid, piece for piano, op. 38
Lange, Gustav - Holder Jugendtraum, piece for piano, op.248
Lange, Gustav - In the fisherman`s hut, Ballade for piano, op.382
Lange, Gustav - Leaf rustling, piece for piano, op.294
Lange, Gustav - Legend for the Piano (1874), op.206
Lange, Gustav - Lonely Tears, nocturne for piano, op. 52
Lange, Gustav - Melancholic Waltz for Piano, op.210
Lange, Gustav - Silent Night, Holy Night (according to Gruber) for piano, op.222
Lange, Gustav - Silent Wishes, piece for piano, op. 57
Lange, Gustav - Sleep, Baby, Lullaby for Piano (1885), op.398
Lange, Gustav - The Merry Goldfinch, Caprice for piano
Lange, Gustav - The Queen of the Ball, piece for piano, op. 16
Lange, Gustav - Thine Own, Melodie for piano (1867), op. 54
Lange, Gustav - Yearning, piece for piano, op. 20
Lange, Gustav - `Ah, how wonderful!`, Transcription of a Bendel song for piano (1887), op.171/48
Lange, Gustav - `Amusement Walk`, a humorous fantasy for piano (1895)
Lange, Gustav - `Before Your Portrait`, meditation for piano (1874), op.178
Lange, Gustav - `Flower Complaint`, lyric piece for piano (1888), op.420
Lange, Gustav - `Lullaby`, tonal piece for piano (1875), op.193
Lange, Gustav - `Non é Ver`, transcription of Mattei song for piano, op.171/23
Lange, Gustav - `Oh don`t ask!` (O frage nicht!), Piece for piano, op.191
Lange, Gustav - `On the Brown Slopes`, an idyll for piano (1886), op.360
Lange, Gustav - `Prayer of the Madonna`, a serious melody for piano (1864), op. 17
Lange, Gustav - `Silent Longing`, a lyrical piece for piano (1875), op.209/1
Lange, Gustav - `Spring Birds`, Caprice for Piano (1888), op.426
Lange, Gustav - `Swallows`, idyll for piano, op.400
Lange, Gustav - `Waldmannslust`, idyll for piano (1876), op.211/1
Lange, Gustav - `When the two find each other`, piece for piano, op.403
Lange, Gustav - `Wild Rose`, piece for piano, op. 78/3
Lange, Gustav - `With Spring in the Heart`, tonal piece for piano (1874), op.179
Lassen, Eduard Ludvig - `Magic love`, ballet music
Lebeau, Alfred - Ballet de la reine, Scherzo-menuet for piano
Lebeau, Alfred - Danish melody for piano
Lebeau, Alfred - Torch Dance, Air favori du Roi Louis XIV for piano, op.121
Lege, Wilhelm - Barcarole for piano (c. 1875), op. 45
Lege, Wilhelm - Confession of Love, salon piece for piano (1884), op. 99
Lege, Wilhelm - My home, piece for piano (1884), op. 101
Lege, Wilhelm - Remembrance, piece for piano (1884), op. 102
Lege, Wilhelm - `Greeting flowers`, salon piece for piano (1884), op. 100
Lege, Wilhelm - `Playing the Sylphs`, salon piece for piano, op. 55
Levy, Sol Paul - Lovelette for Orchestra
Lieurance, Thurlow - Sunbeams, Caprice-Nocturne for piano
Loder, Edward James - Waltz in G major for piano
Loge, Henri - Gavotte et Musette for piano (1890)
Loschhorn, Carl Albert - 21 Études mélodiques for piano, op.193
Loschhorn, Carl Albert - 30 Melodic Etudes for piano, op. 38
Loschhorn, Carl Albert - 33 Etudes progressives et doigtées for piano, op. 66
Loschhorn, Carl Albert - Andante for piano, .193/10
Loschhorn, Carl Albert - Universal Etudes for the Intermediate (33 studies) for piano, op.169-171
Loschhorn, Carl Albert - `Gondolier`, barcarole for piano
Loschhorn, Carl Albert - `Longing`, piece for piano, .111/1
Mack, Edward - March of General George McClellan for Piano (1861)
Mack, Edward - White Rose Mazurka for piano
Magnus, Desire - Esmek-Meriem, Chanson arabe for piano, op.182
Magnus, Desire - Thoughts of autumn, Impromptu for piano, op.181
Malashkin, Leonid - Mazurka Melancolique , op. 16
Massacrie-Durand, Marie-Auguste - Air de ballet for piano, op. 77
Massacrie-Durand, Marie-Auguste - Babillage, Esquisse for piano, op. 81
Massacrie-Durand, Marie-Auguste - Chaconne for harmonium, op. 62
Massacrie-Durand, Marie-Auguste - Valse No.2 for piano, op. 86
Maylath, Henry - Souvenir de Henselt, Romance for piano, op. 60
Mazurette, Salomon - Souvenir of Houston, Mazurka de Salon for piano, op.119
Membree, Edmond - Romance sans paroles for piano
Meyer, Leopold von - Farewell, Nocturne for piano, op. 75
Minot, Adolf - Delicate melody for piano
Minot, Adolf - Love song for piano (c. 1917)
Muller-Sinzig, Irmgard - Dalliance, piece for piano (1916)
Muller-Sinzig, Irmgard - Humoreske for Piano (1916)
Muller-Sinzig, Irmgard - Shepherds` Round Dance for piano (1916)
Nemerovsky, Alexander - Habanera, Op. 51
Neupert, Edmund - Valse caprice for piano, op. 57/2
Neustedt, Charles - Primavera, idylle for piano, op.122
Neustedt, Charles - `Song of the Gondolier`, barcarole for piano op. 77/3
Nollet, Eugene - 15 Études mélodiques for piano, op. 43
Oesten, Theodor - Les Alpes Roses, Idylle for piano, op.193
Orellana, Ignatius de - 24 Melodic Studies for Piano (1890)
Pacher, Josef Adalbert - Salon Mazurka for piano
Panchenko, Semyon - Elegy for Piano Op. 17/2
Parfyonov, Igor - Evening Dreams, piece for piano (Kargapolsky Album, 2005?)
Parfyonov, Igor - House in Votkinsk, piece for piano (Votkinsk album, 1994)
Parfyonov, Igor - Memories from Life, piece for piano (Solikamsk Album, 2009)
Parfyonov, Igor - Sad time for autumn, piece for piano (Borovlyanskaya notebook, 1993)
Parfyonov, Igor - Spring Nocturne, piece for piano (Borovlyansk Notebook, 1993)
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Parfyonov, Igor - `Meadow flowers`, piece for piano (Votkinsk album, 1994)
Parfyonov, Igor - `Morning Song`, piece for piano (album` Melodies from a forest glade`, 2004?)
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Teilman, Christian - Melancholy for piano
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Teilman, Christian - Nocturne in G major for piano
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Teilman, Christian - Strømnes Marschen for piano
Teilman, Christian - Synnøves Brudeslaat for piano, op.130
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Teilman, Christian - `When the Day Comes`, piece for piano
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Vilbac, Renaud de - `Melancholy`, brilliant etude for piano
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Wachs, Paul - ʻIdeal`, salon waltz for piano (1893)
Wachs, Paul - Autumn Rose, waltz for piano (1904)
Wachs, Paul - Barcarole for Piano in A Major
Wachs, Paul - Boléro for piano
Wachs, Paul - Carillonnettes, piece for piano
Wachs, Paul - Courtesy (Gentillesse), piece for piano (1904)
Wachs, Paul - In the morning, Romance sans paroles for piano
Wachs, Paul - Light hearted, Chanson humoristique for piano
Wachs, Paul - Madrileña, piece for piano
Wachs, Paul - Minuet Madame Pompadour for piano (1896)
Wachs, Paul - Mystery, waltz-caprice for piano
Wachs, Paul - Rigaudon for piano (1903)
Wachs, Paul - Sixties, a genre piece for piano
Wachs, Paul - Spanish Waltz for Piano (1900)
Wachs, Paul - Straw, piece for piano
Wachs, Paul - Sweet confession, Romance sans paroles for piano
Wachs, Paul - Sweet gaiety, piece for piano
Wachs, Paul - The happy remover, piece for piano
Wachs, Paul - Valse Parisienne for piano
Wachs, Paul - Waltz-Etude for Piano (1904)
Wachs, Paul - `At the pace of dance` (Balancelle), salon Mazurka for piano
Wachs, Paul - `Brief Conversation`, an idyll for piano (1903)
Wachs, Paul - `Chattering`, piece for piano (1910)
Wachs, Paul - `Fornarina`, tarantella for piano (1896)
Wachs, Paul - `In the olden days`, an old melody for piano (1892)
Wachs, Paul - `Listen to It`, a history without words for piano (1904)
Wachs, Paul - `Noon in the Fields`, a small pastoral for piano
Wachs, Paul - `Staccato`, scherzo for piano (1891)
Wachs, Paul - `White Butterflies`, Caprice for Piano (1909)
Whiting, Arthur Batelle - Humoresque for Piano
Williams, Frederick Arthur - A Trip to Fairyland, 4 piano pieces
Wilson, Grenville Dean - The Shepherd Boy, A Summer Idyl for the Piano, op. 14
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Wollenhaupt, Hermann Adolf - Dream for piano
Wollenhaupt, Hermann Adolf - Florinda, Nocturne for piano
Wollenhaupt, Hermann Adolf - La brunette, Rondino for piano
Zaremba, Vladislav - Fantasia on the Ukrainian song for piano
Zawadzki, Michal - Ukranian Dumka No. 3, op. 321
Zawadzki, Michal - Ukranian Shumka No. 15, op. 328
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