Sally Pinkas

Sally Pinkas (piano)
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Abelardo, Nicanor - Nocturne No. 1
Buencamino, Francisco - Harana, serenade for piano (1943)
Buencamino, Francisco - `Damdamin`, romance for piano
Buencamino, Francisco - `Gratitud`, valse-caprice for piano
Buencamino, Francisco - `Kayumangui`, waltz for piano
Buencamino, Francisco - `Sonrisa`, dance for piano
Gaubert, Philippe - Berceuse: Moderato quasi allegretto
Gaubert, Philippe - Deux esquisses
Gaubert, Philippe - Fantasie for flute and piano (1912)
Gaubert, Philippe - Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando for Flute & Piano
Gaubert, Philippe - Romance (1908)
Gaubert, Philippe - Romance for flute and piano (1905)
Gaubert, Philippe - Sicilienne
Gaubert, Philippe - Soir Paien for Voice, Flute and Piano
Gaubert, Philippe - Sonata for Flute and Piano No.1 in A-dur (1917)
Gaubert, Philippe - Sonata No.2 for Flute and Piano (1924)
Gaubert, Philippe - Sonata No.3 for Flute and Piano (1934)
Gaubert, Philippe - Suite
Gaubert, Philippe - Sur L`eau: Alla barcarolla, moderato
Gaubert, Philippe - Trios Aquarelles for Flute, Cello and Piano
Hernandez, Juan de Sahagun - `Caricias`, habanera for piano
Molina, Antonio - Mamer, Cradle Song (1960)
Molina, Antonio - `Camia`, poem for piano (1942)
Molina, Antonio - `Malikmata`, transfiguration for piano (1939)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Piano Quartet No.2 in Es-dur (1786), KV493
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Trio for Piano, larinet and Viola in Es-dur `Kegelstatt` (1786), KV498
Nakpil, Julio - `Pahimakas`, marche furnebe for piano (orchestra) (1897)
Nakpil, Julio - `Pasig-Pantayanin`, paso-doble for piano (orchestra) (1897)
Nakpil, Julio - `Recuerdos de Cápiz`, habanera for piano (1891)
Paterno, Dolores - Song `Sampaguita (The Flower of Manilla)` (1879)
Rochberg, George - Variations on an Original Theme, for piano (1941)
Sacramento, Lucino - Romance in B-flat Major for Piano (1967)
Santiago, Francisco - Nocturne in E-flat minor for Piano (1922)
Santiago, Francisco - `In the Orient`, Valsette in F Major for Piano

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