Dawn Upshaw

Berio, Luciano - Folk Songs for Mezzo Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Cello, Harp and Percussion (1964, rev. 1976)
Copland, Aaron - Eight poems of Emily Dickinson
Debussy, Claude - Ariettes oubliées for voice and piano L 60
Debussy, Claude - Fêtes galantes I for voice and piano L 80
Debussy, Claude - La Romance d`Arie, for Voice and Piano L 54
Debussy, Claude - Poèmes de Beaudelaire for voice and piano L 64
Debussy, Claude - Romance `Clair de lune` (1882) L 32
Debussy, Claude - Song `Mandoline` for voice and piano L 29
Debussy, Claude - Song `Pantomime` (1882) L 31
Debussy, Claude - Song `Paysage sentimental` for voice and piano L 45
Debussy, Claude - Song `Voici que le printemps` for voice and piano L 52
Debussy, Claude - `Coquetterie posthume` for Voice and Piano (1883) L 39
Debussy, Claude - `Musique` for Voice and Piano (1883) L 44
Debussy, Claude - `Regret` for voice and piano L 55
Debussy, Claude - `Romance` (`Silence ineffable`) for Voice and Piano (1883) L 43
Druckman, Jacob - Counterpoise (1994): 1. ``Nature`` Is What We See (Emily Dickinson)
Druckman, Jacob - Counterpoise (1994): 2. Salomé (Guillaume Apollinaire)
Druckman, Jacob - Counterpoise (1994): 3. La Blanche Neige (Guillaume Apollinaire)
Druckman, Jacob - Counterpoise (1994): 4. I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed (Emily Dickinson)
Duke, Vernon - Ages Ago
Duke, Vernon - April in Paris
Duke, Vernon - Autumn in New York
Duke, Vernon - I Like the Likes of You
Duke, Vernon - Low and Lazy
Duke, Vernon - Not A Care In The World
Duke, Vernon - Remember or Forget
Duke, Vernon - Round About
Duke, Vernon - Swattin` The Fly
Duke, Vernon - The Love I Long For
Duke, Vernon - The Sea-Gull and the Ea-Gull
Duke, Vernon - Water Under the Bridge
Duke, Vernon - Words Without Music
Golijov, Osvaldo - Ayre
Golijov, Osvaldo - Opera `Ainadamar`
Golijov, Osvaldo - Three Songs (2001-02) - for soprano and orchestra
Ives, Charles - 114 Songs (1922): 45 `At the River` (1916, R. Lowry) S.214
Ives, Charles - 114 songs (1922): 93 `Berceuse` S.220
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Rechitative & Rondo `Chio mi scordi di te - Non temer, amato bene` for soprano, piano and orchestra (1786) KV505
Purcell, Henry - Arias
Purcell, Henry - Hymn `Now that the Sun hath veil`d his Light` (1688), Z 193 Z 193
Purcell, Henry - Incidental Music `Oedipus` Z 583
Purcell, Henry - Song If Music Be the Food of Love Z 379a
Saariaho, Kaija - Lonh for soprano and electronics
Wolf, Hugo - Italienisches Liederbuch II (1896): 24 `Ich hab` in Penna einen Liebsten wohnen`
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