Göran Söllscher
Göran Söllscher (guitar)
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Anonymous, - Greensleeves
Anonymous, - Kemp`s Jig
Anonymous, - Packington`s Pound
Anonymous, - Watkin`s Ale
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Fugue for lute in g-moll, BWV 1000
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Lute Suite E-dur, BWV 1006a
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Lute Suite e-moll, BWV 996
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Lute Suite g-moll, BWV 995
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Lute Suite in c-moll, BWV 997
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Minuet (attrib. Christian Petzold), BWV Anh. 114-115
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Parts of compositions
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Prelude for lute in c-moll, BWV 999
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Prelude, Fugue, and Allegro for Lute Es-dur, BWV 998
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Sonata for Violin Solo No.3 in C-dur, BWV 1005
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Suite for Cello solo No.1 in G-dur (1720), BWV 1007
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Suite for Cello solo No.2 in d-moll (1720), BWV 1008
Barrios, Agustin - Cathedral (La Catedral)
Barrios, Agustin - Waltz No.3 d-moll
Berlioz, Hector - Nocturne a deux voix, H 31
Bortz, Daniel - Ballad (1992-94)
Cutting, Francis - Greensleeves, arr. for Lute
Dowland, John - A Fancy, P. 6
Dowland, John - A Fancy (Fantasia), P. 5
Dowland, John - Pavan `Lachrimae`, P. 15
Dowland, John - Sir John Langton`s Pavan, P. 14
Dowland, John - The frogg galliard, P. 23
Dowland, John - The King of Denmark`s Galliard
Dowland, John - The Lady Cliftons Spirit, P. 45
Dowland, John - `Can she excuse` (galliard), P. 42
Galilei, Michelangelo - Suite for Lute
Hallnas, Hilding - Partita amabile (1966)
Koch, Erland von - Guitar Concerto (1982)
Milan, Luis de - Fantasy X
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Komm, liebe Zither, komm` for voice and mandolin (1780-81), KV351 (367b)
Mudarra, Alonso - Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa de Ludovico (1546)
Mudarra, Alonso - Gallarda
Narvaez, Luys de - Variations on a theme of Spanish folk song `Guárdame las vacas``, Libro VI, 2
Neumann, Ulrik - Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra (1989-91)
Neusidler, Hans - Wascha mesa und Der Hupf auff
Paganini, Niccolo - 6 Sonatas for violin and guitar, op. 3
Paganini, Niccolo - Centone di Sonate, MS112
Paganini, Niccolo - Concert Sonata for Violin and Guitar in A-dur, MS 2 (op.61)
Paganini, Niccolo - Contabile for violin and piano, MS109 (op.17)
Paganini, Niccolo - Fragments and parts of works
Paganini, Niccolo - Introduction and Variations on `Dal tuo stellato soglio` from Rossini`s `Moses in Egypt`, MS 23
Paganini, Niccolo - Moto Perpetuo, MS 72 (op.11)
Piazzolla, Astor - Histoire du Tango: 2.Cafe 1930
Ponce, Manuel - Sonatina meridional
Schubert, Franz - Ellens Song III (`Ave Maria`) from cycle `Das Fräulein vom See`, op. 52, 6, D 839
Sor, Fernando - Introduction and Variations on `Malborough s`tn va-t-en guerre`, op.28
Sor, Fernando - Morceau de Concert, op.54a
Sor, Fernando - Sonata C-dur, op.15b
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for 2 mandolines, strings and basso continuo in G-dur, RV532
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for lute, 2 violins and basso continuo in D-dur, RV 93
Vivaldi, Antonio - Trio sonata for violin, lute and basso continuo in C-dur, RV 82
Vivaldi, Antonio - Trio sonata for violin, lute and basso continuo in g-moll, RV 85
Weiss, Silvius Leopold - Ciacona in g-moll
Weiss, Silvius Leopold - Fantasy for Lute in c-moll
Weiss, Silvius Leopold - Tombeau sur la mort de Comte de Lodge
Wiren, Dag Ivar - Little Serenade for Guitar Solo, Op. 39 (1964)