Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson (composer)

Anonymous, - American traditional: Spiritual `Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child`
Arnold, Malcolm - Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra 1 (1948) op. 20
Baermann, Heinrich Josef - Parts of compositions
Bax, Arnold - Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Septet for Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass in Es-dur (1799) op. 20
Blake, Howard - Walking in the Air (from ``The Snowman``) op.615
Burgmuller, Norbert - Duet in Es-dur for Clarinet and Piano op.15
Crusell, Bernhard Henrik - Clarinet Concerto 1 in Es-dur op. 1
Crusell, Bernhard Henrik - Clarinet Concerto 2 in f-moll op. 5
Crusell, Bernhard Henrik - Clarinet Concerto 3 in B-dur op.11
Crusell, Bernhard Henrik - Introduction and Variations on a Swedish Air op.12
Debussy, Claude - Rhapsody for Clarinet & Piano (1909-10) L 116
Finzi, Gerald - 5 Bagatelles for Clarinet & Piano op.23
Finzi, Gerald - Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra in c-moll (1949) op.31
Gershwin, George - 3 Preludes for piano (1926)
Giampieri, Alamiro - Venice Carnival, Capriccio and Variations for Clarinet and Piano
Horovitz, Joseph - Valdemosa (Majorcan Piece No. 2)
Ireland, John - Fantasy-Sonata for Clarinet & Piano (1943)
Johnson, Emma - Variations on a Hungarian Folk Tune
Kozeluh, Leopold Anton - Clarinet Concerto No.1 in Es-dur
Kreisler, Fritz - Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen: 2 `Liebesleid` (1905)
Kreisler, Fritz - Syncopation (1926)
Lovreglio, Donato - Fantasia da concerto su motivi de La traviata di G. Verdi op. 45
Milhaud, Darius - `Scaramouche` Suite for saxophone or clarinet and orchestra (1937-39) op.165c
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Clarinet Concerto in A-dur (1791) KV622
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Motet `Ave verum corpus` for chorus, orchestra and organ (1791) KV618
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Opera `Die Zauberflöte` (overtures, arias, fragments)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Opera `Le Nozze di Figaro` (overtures, arias, fragments)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in A-dur (1789) KV581
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in B Flat Major (unfinished) (1787) KV516c (Anh. 91)
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - `Flight of the Bumblebee`
Satie, Erik - Trois Gymnopedies (1888)
Schumann, Robert - 3 Fantasias for cello (clarinet or violin) and piano (1849) Op. 73
Spohr, Ludwig - Clarinet Concerto No.1 in c-moll op. 26
Stanford, Charles Villiers - 3 Intermezzi for Clarinet and Piano (1879) op. 13
Stanford, Charles Villiers - Clarinet Concerto in a-moll op. 80
Stanford, Charles Villiers - Sonata for clarinet (or viola) and piano (1911) op.129
Templeton, Alec - Pocket-Size Sonata No. 1
Weber, Carl Maria von - 7 Variations for Clarinet & Piano on a theme from `Silvana` op. 33
Weber, Carl Maria von - Clarinet Concerto No.1 in f-moll op. 73
Weber, Carl Maria von - Concertino for Clarinet and Orchestra in c-moll / Es-dur op. 26
Weber, Carl Maria von - Grand Concert Duet for Clarinet and Piano in Es-dur op. 48
Weber, Carl Maria von - Introduction, Theme and Variations for clarinet & strings op.posth
Weber, Carl Maria von - Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet in B-dur op. 34