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David Hill (composer)

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he text of Cardinal Newman

Part I
1. Prelude orchestra
2. Jesu Maria I am near to death Gerontius
3. So pray for me Kyrie eleison Holy Mary pray for him Gerontius / semi-chorus / chorus
4. Rouse thee my fainting soul Gerontius
5. Sanctus fortis Sanctus Deus Gerontius
6. I can no more Gerontius / chorus / semi-chorus
7. Profiscere anima Christiana Priest / chorus / semi-chorus

Part II
1. Prelude orchestra
2. I went to sleep Gerontius
3. Another marvel My work is done Soul / Angel
4. It is a member of that family Soul / Angel
5. But hark!... Low-born clods of brute earth Soul / Angel / chorus
6. Dispossessed / Aside thrust chorus
7. I see not those false spirits Soul / Angel
8. There was a mortal Praise to the Holiest Angel / semi-chorus / chorus / Soul
9. But hark! a grand mysterious harmony Soul / Angel / chorus
10. Thy judgment now is near Angel / Soul
11. Jesu! by that shuddering dread Angel of the Agony / Soul / semi-chorus / chorus
12. Praise to His Name!... Take me away Angel / Soul / chorus
13. Softly and gently Angel / chorus / semi-chorus

Oratorio `The Dream of Gerontius`, op. 38 (Elgar)
William Kendall (Gerontius),tenor, Sarah Fryer (Angel), mezzo-soprano, Matthew Best (Priest, Angel of Agony), bass-baritone. Bournemouth Symphony Chorus. Waynflete Singers. Recorded: November 1996, Dorset, UK.
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