Mikhail Dubov
Mikhail Dubov (piano)
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Arkushiba, Anna - `2` for accordion and piano (2012)
Belodubrovsky, Mark - In Memoriam for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Dorokhov, Georgy - Concertino-I
Dorokhov, Georgy - Particules elementaires
Ekimovsky, Viktor - Vers libre for two pianos in quarters
Field, John - Nocturne No.11 Es-dur, H. 56
Frankenstein, Boris - Evening without Guests, one-act opera
Kapustin, Nikolai - Piano Quintet, op. 89
Kapyrin, Dmitri - Asymmetrical Dances, Five Pieces for Piano
Kapyrin, Dmitri - Breathing
Kapyrin, Dmitri - Music for Two
Kapyrin, Dmitri - Sotto Voce, three pieces for piano
Kapyrin, Dmitri - Three Caprices for Cello and Piano
Kasparov, Yuri - Prelude, toccata and fugue for two pianos
Kasparov, Yuri - Reminiscence for piano and `piano`
Kobzar, Alisa - Gardens of the birds, unfinished songs
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Brocken Memory
Murail, Tristan - Treize couleurs du soleil couchant for five instruments (1978)
Nemtin, Alexander - Two Poems for Piano
Piazzolla, Astor - Histoire du Tango: 1.Bordel 1900
Piazzolla, Astor - Histoire du Tango: 2.Cafe 1930
Piazzolla, Astor - Le Grand Tango
Piazzolla, Astor - Libertango
Piazzolla, Astor - `Seasons in Buenas Aires`
Poleukhina, Marina - Tregadum (2011)
Protopopov, Sergei - Sonata 2 , . 5 (1924)
Rannev, Vladimir - P est na. Iss O ex glo ae, for flute, bass clarinet and piano
Rayeva, Olga - Four Seasons are Signs of the Year (1995 - 2009), for piano
Rayeva, Olga - `Kalavinka-Vogel` for flute and piano (2012)
Rovner, Anton - Sonata Seria, for Piano
Shmurak, Alexey - Return, for piano, electronic records and an ensemble of nine performers (2012)
Shmurak, Alexey - TV (2011) for synthesizer, winds, strings and soundtrack
Silvestrov, Valentin - `October 25, 1893` (In Memory of Tchaikovsky), for violin and piano
Siumak, Alexei - Obsessive Vision (2011)
Vasiliev, Anton - Keyboardstueck I for klavierstueck IX by K. Stockhausen (2011)
Vorontsov, Yuriy - Sirius (2005) for piano
Wustin, Alexander - Spem in alium (2002)
Xenakis, Iannis - Keqrops for piano and orchestra (1986)
Zatula, Veronica - In Cantas
Zyatkov, Sergey - Dreams Come Close Headboard