Tatiana Melentieva
Tatiana Melentieva (soprano)
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Arapov, Boris - `Four Seasons`, a song cycle on the Japanese three-line poems - haiku, according to K. Issa, translated V. Markova
Chausson, Ernest - Song Sept Mélodies for voice and piano, op. 2
Debussy, Claude - Romances for voice and piano, L 79
Debussy, Claude - `Ariettes oubliées` for Voice and Piano, L 60
Duparc, Henri - `Lamento` (Gautier)
Faure, Gabriel - Two Songs, op. 1
Ives, Charles - 114 Songs (1922): 6 `The New River`, S.308
Ives, Charles - 114 Songs (1922): 60 `Autumn`, S.217
Ives, Charles - 114 Songs (1922): 103 `The White Gulls` (From the Russian), S.391
Ives, Charles - 114 Songs (1922): 104 Two Little Flowers, S.379
Ives, Charles - 114 Songs (1922): 105 `West London`, S.388
Ives, Charles - Marine Funeral Song
Knaifel, Alexander - A Silly Horse, fifteen stories for the singer and pianist (1981)
Knaifel, Alexander - Amicta sole
Knaifel, Alexander - Bliss (Pushkin) for female voice, piano and three groups of crotales (1997, rev. 2008)
Knaifel, Alexander - Phos Hilaron, The Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary for Tatiana Melentieva (1991)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte` for voice and piano (1787), KV520
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Das Lied der Trennung` for voice and piano (1787), KV519
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Das Traumbild` for voice and piano (1787), KV530
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Das Veilchen` for voice and piano (1785), KV476
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Der Zauberer` for voice and piano (1785), KV472
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Song `Komm, liebe Zither, komm` for voice and mandolin (1780-81), KV351 (367b)
Popov, Alexander - Eight Hokkus for soprano, piano and little bells
Prokofiev, Sergey - `The Ugly Duckling` (Andersen`s Fairy Tales) for voice and piano (1914), op. 18
Schubert, Franz - Parts of compositions
Schubert, Franz - Song `Daß sie hier gewesen` (Daß der Ostwind) - Op.59, 3, D 775
Schubert, Franz - Song `Der Musensohn` (Durch Feld und Wald zu schweifen) (Op.92/1), D 764
Schubert, Franz - Song `Nacht und Träume` (Heil`ge Nacht, du sinkest nieder!) (Op.43/2), D 827
Schubert, Franz - Song `Wonne der Wehmut`, D 260
Stravinsky, Igor - Four Songs for mezzo-soprano, flute, harp and guitar (1953-54)
Stravinsky, Igor - Three Little Songs (from the recollections of my childhood) for voice and piano
Stravinsky, Igor - Two poems by Konstantin Balmont, W 19
Tishchenko, Boris - Concerto for Harp and Orchestra (1977), op. 69
Voronina, Tatiana - `Instant`. Poem for soprano solo without words. (1975)