Veronika Dudarova
Veronika Dudarova (conductor)
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Bizet, Georges - Suite from music for the drama `Arlezianka` 1 (1872), WD 40
Bizet, Georges - Suite from music for the drama `Arlezianka` 2, WD deest
Bizet, Georges - Symphony in C-dur (1855), WD 33
Bouzovkin, Alexander - Piano Concerto (string instruments)
Bunin, Vladimir - Images of the Udmurt life
Chaikin, Nikolai - Concerto for bayan and symphony orchesyta No. 1
Chalaev, Shirvani - Cello Concerto No. 1
Frolov, Igor - Concert Fantasy on themes from the opera, J. Gershwin"s "Porgy and Bess"
Gershwin, George - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in F-dur
Gershwin, George - Rhapsody in Blue for Piano and Orchestra (1924)
Gershwin, George - Symphonic Picture `Porgy and Bess` (Orchestration by R.Bennet)
Gershwin, George - `An American in Paris` - Tone Poem for Orchestra
Glinka, Mikhail - Ruslan and Lyudmila, opera (vocal)
Haydn, Joseph - Symphony No.103 in Es-dur `Mit dem Paukenwirbel` (1795), Hob I:103
Holminov, Alexander - Born by a storm (Poem). 1960.
Holminov, Alexander - For the sake of life on Earth, the cantata (1975)
Kabalevsky, Dmitriy - Cello Concerto No.1 g-moll (1948-49), op. 49
Kabalevsky, Dmitriy - Cello Concerto No.2 c-moll (1964), op. 77
Kabalevsky, Dmitriy - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in C Major, op. 48
Kalinnikov, Vasiliy - Symphony No.1 in g-moll (1894-90)
Kalinnikov, Vasiliy - Symphony No.2 in A-dur (1895-97)
Khachaturian, Aram - Masquerade (Suite from music to drama by Lermontov) (1944)
Khachaturian, Aram - The Valencian Widow (Suite from the music for the play by Lope de Vega)
Klinichev, Leonid - Quiet Flows the Don, Suite from the ballet (1985)
Knipper, Lev - Symphony No. 4 for soloists, choir and orchestra (1933, 1965)
Kozhevnikova, Ekaterina - Symphony 2
Krykov, Nikokai - Fire Miles, Soundtrack of the film (1957)
Levina, Zara - Piano Concerto 2
Lyadov, Anatoliy - `Dance of the Amazons`, for orchestra, op. 65
Mendelssohn, Felix - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.1 in g-moll, op. 25
Mendelssohn, Felix - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.2 in d-moll, op. 40
Mosolov, Alexander - Concerto for cello and orchestra 2 (1937-1945), op.34
Muradeli, Vano - Festive Overture
Myaskovsky, Nikolay - Symphony No. 6 in es-moll, op. 23
Myaskovsky, Nikolay - Symphony No.11 in h-moll, op. 34
Rakov, Nikolay - Concert Waltz
Rakov, Nikolay - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.1 in E minor (1944)
Ravel, Mauice - Boléro, ballet (1928), transcribed for piano four hands (1929), M 81
Rubinstein, Anton - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in G-dur (1857), op. 46
Schnittke, Alfred - `The Sixth of July`. Music for the film (1968), op. 52
Shchedrin, Rodion - Concerto for Orchestra 1, "Naughty Limericks" (1963)
Shebalin, Vissarion - Violin Concerto, op.21
Tchaikovsky, Alexander - Bassoon Concerto, three parts
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Piano Concerto No. 1 in b-moll (1874-75/1876-79/1888-90), Op. 23