Peter Pears

Anonymous, - English traditional: Have you seen but a whyte lillie grow?
Anonymous, - English traditional: Miserere, my maker
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Es ist euch gut, daß ich hingehe` BWV 108
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Halt im Gedachtnis Jesum Christ` BWV 67
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Herr Jesu Christ, wahr` Mensch und Gott` BWV 127
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Herr, deine Augen sehen nach dem Glauben` BWV 102
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Süsser Trost, mein Jesus kommt` BWV 151
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Mss in h-moll BWV 232
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Oratorio Johannes-Passion (1724) BWV 245
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Oratorio Matthäus-Passion (1736) BWV 244
Brahms, Johannes - `Liebeslieder` - 18 Waltzes for 4 soloists and piano 4 hands (1869) Op. 52
Britten, Benjamin - Cantata misericordium for solos, small chorus and orchestra (1963) op. 69
Britten, Benjamin - Canticle 2 `Abraham and Isaac` for alto and tenor voices and piano (1952) op. 51
Britten, Benjamin - Canticle 3 `Still falls the Rain` for tenor, horn and piano (1954) op. 55
Britten, Benjamin - Folk Songs (volume III): British Isles - 6 `O Waly, Waly` (1945/46)
Britten, Benjamin - Nocturne for tenor, seven obbligato instruments and strings (1958) op. 60
Britten, Benjamin - Opera `Billy Budd` (1951) op. 50
Britten, Benjamin - Opera `Death in Venice` (1973-1974) op. 88
Britten, Benjamin - Opera `Owen Wingrave` (1971) op. 85
Britten, Benjamin - Opera `The Burning Fiery Furnace`, a Parable for Church Perfomance (1966) op. 77
Britten, Benjamin - Opera `The Rape of Lucretia` (1946) op. 37
Britten, Benjamin - Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings op. 31
Britten, Benjamin - Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo (1940) op. 22
Britten, Benjamin - War Requiem for soprano, tenor and baritone solos, chorus, orchestra, chamber orchestra, boys` choir and organ, op. 66 op. 66
Britten, Benjamin - `Les Illuminations` for high voice and string orchestra (1939) op. 18
Britten, Benjamin - `The Holy Sonnets of John Donne`, for high voice and piano (1945) op. 35
Britten, Benjamin - Winter Words, for high voice and piano (1953) op. 52
Campion, Thomas - Come, let us sound
Campion, Thomas - Song `Fair, if you expect admiring`
Campion, Thomas - Song `Shall I come, sweet love`
Debussy, Claude - Ballades de François Villon for voice and piano L 119
Dowland, John - Song `In darkness let me dwell`
Dowland, John - The First Booke of Songs or Ayres (1597) ( 4): Song `If my complaints`
Dowland, John - The First Booke of Songs or Ayres (1597) (19): Song `Awake, sweet love`
Dowland, John - The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres (1600) ( 1): Song `I saw my Lady weep`
Dowland, John - The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres (1600) ( 3): Song `Sorrow, sorrow, stay`
Dowland, John - The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres (1600) (12): Song `Fine knacks for ladies`
Dowland, John - The Third and Last Booke of Songs or Aires (1603) ( 9): Song `What if I never speed`
Elgar, Edward - Oratorio `The Dream of Gerontius` op. 38
Ford, Thomas - `Come, Phyllis, come`
Ford, Thomas - `Fair, sweet, cruel`
Handel, George Frideric - Oratorio `Acis and Galatea` (1718/1732) HWV 49a
Handel, George Frideric - Oratorio `L`Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato` (1740) HWV 55
Holst, Gustav Theodore - Four Songs for Voice and Violin op.35
Ireland, John - Song Cycle `The Land of Lost Content` (1920-21)
Lutoslawski, Witold - Paroles tissées
Morley, Thomas - Come sorrow, come
Morley, Thomas - I saw my lady weeping
Morley, Thomas - Mistress mine, well may you fare
Morley, Thomas - Thirsis and Milla
Morley, Thomas - What if my mistress now
Morley, Thomas - With my Love my life was nestled
Morley, Thomas - `It was a lover and his lass`
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Cantata `Die ihr unermeßlichen Weltalls Schöpfer ehrt` for voice and piano (1791) KV619
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Requiem in d-moll (1791) KV626
Pilkington, Francis - Sleep, Gentle Nymphs (The first volume of songs, 1605)
Purcell, Henry - Arias
Purcell, Henry - Opera `Dido and Aeneas` Z 626
Rosseter, Philip - Sweet, come again
Rosseter, Philip - What is a day?
Rosseter, Philip - What then is love but mourning
Rosseter, Philip - When Laura smiles
Rosseter, Philip - Whether men do laugh or weep
Schubert, Franz - Song cycle `Die schöne Müllerin` (after W. Müller), op.25 (1823) D 795
Schubert, Franz - Song cycle `Die Winterreise` (after W. Müller), op. 89 (1827) D 911
Schubert, Franz - Song `Abendstern` (Was weilst du einsam an dem Himmel) D 806
Schubert, Franz - Song `An die Entfernte` (So hab ich wirklich dich verloren) D 765
Schubert, Franz - Song `Atys` (Der Knabe seufzt) D 585
Schubert, Franz - Song `Auflösung` (Verbirg dich, Sonne) D 807
Schubert, Franz - Song `Ganymed` (Wie im Morgenglanze) (Op.19/3) D 544
Schumann, Robert - Fuenf Lieder und Gesaenge Op.127
Schumann, Robert - Liederkreis. Zwoelf Gesaenge for voice and piano by J. von Eichendorff Op. 39
Schumann, Robert - `Dichterliebe`. Lieder zyklus on poems of Heinrich Heine for voice and piano Op. 48
Seiber, Matyas - Three fragments of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce for narrator, mixed choir and ensemble (1957)
Stravinsky, Igor - `Oedipus Rex`, opera-oratorio in two acts by Sophocles (1926-27)
Telemann, Georg Philipp - Cantata `Ich weiß, daß mein Erlöser lebt` TWV 1: 877 (BWV 160)