Alim Schakhmametyev
Alim Schakhmametyev (conductor)
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Alexandrov, Ivan - Snowy Butterflies
Azarashvili, Vazha - Nocturne for piano (1986)
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Parts of compositions
Bottesini, Giovanni - Allegro di Concerto `Alla Mendelssohn`
Caccini, Giulio - Ave Maria
Galliano, Richard - Petite Suite Francaise
Galliano, Richard - Tango pour Claude
Galliano, Richard - Valse a Margaux
Gershwin, George - Rhapsody in Blue for Piano and Orchestra (1924)
Glinka, Mikhail - Divertissement on a theme of Bellini opera `Somnambulist` (1832)
Ivanova-Blinova, Ekaterina - BMW for the theremin, a DJ and String Orchestra
Ivanova-Blinova, Ekaterina - Gaudeamus-variation
Ivanova-Blinova, Ekaterina - Gaudeamus-Variation
Johann-Georg, Albrechtsberger - Trombone Concerto in B-dur (1769)
Konov, Vladimir - From the times of Ivan the Terrible
Legrand, Michel Jean - Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphony 41 in C-dur `Jupiter` (1788), KV551
Nesterova, Svetlana - Antony and Cleopatra, a Fresco for Flute and Chamber Orchestra
Nesterova, Svetlana - Concerto for Clarinet, String Orchestra and Percussion (2001)
Nesterova, Svetlana - June 1941, for Strings ans Percussion, 2013
Nesterova, Svetlana - Solaris, Fantasy for the Termense, Piano and String Orchestra (2017)
Nesterova, Svetlana - Sonata in Memory of My Favorite Teacher for string orchestra (2011)
Nikulin, Gleb - Concerto Brevis for Organ, Strings and Timpani Op. 10
Pelecis, Georgs - Concertino Bianco for Piano and Chamber Orchestra in C-dur
Petrov, Evgeny - The Magic Christmas Tree
Petrov, Evgeny - Youth, waltz for string orchestra (2009)
Piazzolla, Astor - Oblivion
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Piano Concerto No. 1 in fis-moll (1890-91, 1917), op. 1
Ravel, Mauice - Vocalise-étude en forme de habanera, M 51
Rossini, Gioachino - Introduction, Theme and Variations for Clarinet and Orchestra in B-dur
Rota, Nino - Divertimento Concert for Double Bass and Orchestra
Schnittke, Alfred - Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra (1979), op.136
Slonimsky, Sergey - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in memory M. S. Druskin
Slonimsky, Sergey - Tragicomedy, a concerto for viola and string orchestra
Stolyar, Roman - Divertimento in Rock
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Andante cantabile for Cello and Orchestra (1871/1888), TH 63
Tishchenko, Boris - Concerto for Flute, Piano and Strings, 1972, op. 54
Tishchenko, Boris - Running Time. Song cycle for soprano and string orchestra. The words of Anna Akhmatova., op.135
Tishchenko, Boris - Symphony 8, op.149
Uspensky, Vladislav - The Cranes Are Flying, suite from the ballet
Vavilov, Vladimir - Ave Maria
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto `Four seasons` No.1 `Spring` for violin, strings and basso continuo in E-dur, RV269 (op.8)
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto `Four seasons` No.2 `Summer` for violin, strings and basso continuo in g-moll, RV315 (op.8)
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto `Four seasons` No.3 `Autumn` for violin, strings and basso continuo in F-dur, RV293 (op.8)
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto `Four seasons` No.4 `Winter` for violin, strings and basso continuo in f-moll, RV297 (op.8)
Yekimov, Sergey - Elegiac Music of the memory of Yuri Falik (2009)