Valeriy Matyuchin

Valeriy Matyuchin (conductor)
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Almashi, Zoltan - Chanber Symphony
Almashi, Zoltan - Concerto for Clarinet and Strings. 2004
Almashi, Zoltan - Concerto for Flute and Strings
Almashi, Zoltan - Concerto Grosso 3 for oboe, cello and chamber orchestra. 2001
Almashi, Zoltan - Concerto in B minor for Double Bass and Strings in eight parts
Almashi, Zoltan - Conversation of Two Drunks about the Meaning of Life (Chamber Symphony No. 2 for Violin, Cello and Strings, 2012)
Almashi, Zoltan - Interactions, for Cello and Chamber Orchestra
Almashi, Zoltan - Introduction to the nonexistent song, for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
Almashi, Zoltan - Mirasteilas for two violins and strings
Almashi, Zoltan - Presentiment of Love for Strings
Almashi, Zoltan - Prolongation of Life, septet, 2003
Almashi, Zoltan - The Harsh Music for a singing violinist and strings
Almashi, Zoltan - Unspoken Words, for Two Violins and Strings, in 4 parts
Almashi, Zoltan - `Chamber Cantata` for Violin and string orchestra (2015)
Almashi, Zoltan - `New Joy Became` (processing of carols for voice and strings)
Almashi, Zoltan - `Open Space Variations` for two violins and strings
Almashi, Zoltan - `Sleep, Jesus, sleep` (a fantasy for the carol of Father Josip Kishakevich for voice, cello, double bass and other instruments ad libitum)
Bezborodko, Oleg - Concerto grosso ma non molto for Violin, Bassoon and Strings
Bezborodko, Oleg - Concerto Luminoso. Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and String Orchestra, Two Parts
Bezborodko, Oleg - The Tale of Kings, for string orchestra (in the picture by M.Chyurlenis)
Bezborodko, Oleg - Two Songs for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra, poems by M. Tsvetaeva
Bortkiewicz, Sergey - Romance for Cello and Orchestra
Concerts, - Concerts of Zoltan Almashi
Gomelskaya, Julia - In the stream of pulsed LYRA
Havrylets, Anna - Chorale for Strings
Ischenko, Yuriy - Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
Ischenko, Yuriy - Concerto for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra (2004)
Ischenko, Yuriy - Lento doloroso for piano and strings
Korvits, Tonu - Longer than Thousand Summers for Flute and Chamber Orchestra
Krivopust, Bogdan - Paporoti Flower for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
Lunyov, Svyatoslav - Triada, for organ, piano and strings. 1999
Mirzoyan, Edward - Poem, for Cello and String orchestra
Nizamov, Elmir - DIXI
Orkin, Eugene - Chamber Symphony 5 for Violin and Strings
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista - Cantata `Stabat Mater` for soprano, alto, choir, strings and organ, P. 77
Poleva, Victoria - Epiphany - in my own text for soprano and chamber ensemble (1995)
Poleva, Victoria - Gentle Light - Chamber Cantata on the canonical text for mixed choir and chamber orchestra (1995)
Poleva, Victoria - Musical Moments (2010)
Poleva, Victoria - No man is an Island (Chamber cantata to words by John Donne) for female voices, strings and piano
Riznichenko, Olexandr - A piece for chamber orchestra `Waiting`
Runchak, Vladimir Petrovich - Semper fidelis
Shymko, Alexander - Elegium (2010) for piano and strings
Shymko, Alexander - Equilibrium (2011) for the authentic voices and chamber orchestra
Shymko, Alexander - Kallisti (2009) for violin and strings
Shymko, Alexander - OffLife (2013) for chamber orchestra and electronics
Silvestrov, Valentin - Elegy and Pastoral (for A. Volkonsky in memory ...) for string orchestra and piano (in the depths of the orchestra) (2011)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Forest Music (1977-78) for soprano, horn and piano
Silvestrov, Valentin - Melodies of moments, for violin and piano (Dedication Olga Reksrot)
Silvestrov, Valentin - Symphony 2 for flute, percussion, piano and string orchestra (1965)
Stankovych, Yevhen - Humble Pastorale, for String Trio
Stankovych, Yevhen - Opera rustica, for soprano, baritone and chamber orchestra
Stankovych, Yevhen - Pastoral, Chamber Symphony No. 5
Stuck, Anton - Three Pieces for Chamber Orchestra
Sydorenko, Lubawa - `Puppets` for chamber ensemble (clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano)
Toxanbayev, Artyk - Concert-Kyui for string orchestra and piano
Toxanbayev, Artyk - Sergek, Kyui for string orchestra
Vilka, Sergey - `Light of the Northern Sun`, op. 17 [2012]
Voitenko, Alexey - Funeral Music. Variations on a theme by N. Myaskovsky for chamber orchestra
Voitenko, Alexey - The Possibility of the Island, for Piano and String Orchestra (2011)
Voitenko, Alexey - `Lento` for Piano and Strings (2012)
Vyshynsky, Vitaly - Dodeskaden for string orchestra, two templbloks, tambourine and cymbals
Yaskou, Kanstantsin - LULLA.BY. Lullaby for Belarusian folk theme for string chamber orchestra
Zagaykevych, Alla - Air Mechanics, for sextet
Zazhit, Sergey - Tushi, for barotone, tuba, piano and strings
Zohrabyan, Ashot - Concerto-Elegy for Strings
Zubytski, Wolodymyr - Chamber Symphony 3 `In memory of Boris Liatoshynsky

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