Freddie Kadena

Freddie Kadena (conductor)
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Babintsev, Maxim - `Golden Section` for symphony orchestra (2018)
Beliaev, Vladimir - Ave Maria
Beliaev, Vladimir - Christmas Suite in five parts for the Ensemble of ringed gusli, soloists, children`s choir and string orchestra
Beliaev, Vladimir - Christmas Triptych for a large symphony orchestra and a boys` choir in 3 parts
Beliaev, Vladimir - From the Gallant Times, Suite in 3 parts for the Ringed Gusli, Violin, Fute and Chamber Orchestra
Beliaev, Vladimir - Love Story. Suite in 3 parts for Ringed Gusli, Cello and String Orchestra
Beliaev, Vladimir - Russian Souvenir
Beliaev, Vladimir - Spanish Capriccio
Beliaev, Vladimir - Time of Our Joy, the Sholom-Rhapsody on the Jewish themes for Violin, Ringed Ghusli and Chamber Orchestra in E Minor.
Beliaev, Vladimir - `Andalusian Concerto` for Oboe, Ringed Ghouls and String Orchestra
Concerts, - Concerts of composer and pianist Tatiana Smirnova
Gurov, Aharon (Arkady) - Book of Klezmer, Symphony
Gurov, Aharon (Arkady) - Prague Waltz
Gurov, Aharon (Arkady) - THE GREAT SARABANDA OF THERESIN (2002)
Johann-Georg, Albrechtsberger - Concerto for Organ (Piano) and Strings in B Flat Major
Kaynova, Irina - Epic Picture
Korndorff, Nikolay - In D (1991) for a large symphony orchestra
Manukian, Irina - Concerto amoroso for piano, harp, cello and chamber orchestra, op.36
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra 10 in Es-dur (1779/1782), KV365 (316a)
Nikolaev, Vladimir - The Penetrating Structures for theremin and orchestra
Pavlenko, Sergey - Sinful Music (2001)
Rodrigo, Joaquin - `Concierto de Aranjuez` for Guitar and Orchestra (1939)
Smirnova, Tatyana - "Concerto" for flute, strings and harpsichord
Sokolov, Ivan - Short Messages and Thinking about Them (2010) for orchestra
Tchaikovsky, Alexander - Concerto for four saxophones, two parts
Tchaikovsky, Alexander - Slovo o polku Igoreve/The story of the military campaign of Prince Igor
Umansky, Kirill - Concerto for Strings (2003)
Vorontsov, Yuriy - Vertigo, for grand symphony orchestra