Vitaliy Kyianytsia

Vitaliy Kyianytsia (piano)
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Ablinger, Peter - WEISS / WEISSLICH 4 for Piano and Ensemble (1990/1992)
Andre, Mark - Contrapunctus (19981999)
Arkushiba, Anna - Cosa in se, for violin & piano
Berg, Alban - Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano (1913), Op. 5
Fomin, Andrey - Offside for Quintet
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Five Poems for Piano. 2009
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Four poems by B. Akhmadulina for soprano and piano (2011)
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Lucifer`s Dream for Piano (2011)
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Lucifer`s Dream for Piano, Second Edition
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Music for Quintet (2013)
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Piano Concerto (2013)
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Suite No. 1 for Piano. 2007-09
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Three klavierschtuk in real time for piano (2011)
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano. 2008
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Three Pieces in real time for piano
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Trio No. 2 for violin, cello and piano. 2011
Kyianytsia, Vitaliy - Two Poems by V. Mayakovsky for baritone and piano. 2009
Lourie, Arthur Vincent - Our march
Merkhel, Andrey - Scene for Violin and Piano
Shmurak, Alexey - `Night `(2011) for clarinet and three synthesizers
Shmurak, Alexey - Fragility (2011) for 11 performers and soundtrack
Shymko, Alexander - Elegium (2010) for piano and strings
Shymko, Alexander - Overground music (2013) for soprano, saxophone, violin, cello and piano
Stravinsky, Igor - Three Japanese Lyrics for sopran and chamber orchestra (1912-13), K016
Ustvolskaya, Galina - Dona nobis pacem . Composition No. 1 for for piccolo, tuba and piano (1970-71)
Vilka, Sergey - `Dequantization`, interaction in live situations `on three` for Viola and Orchestra, tuba, piano and orchestra, op. 24 [2014]
Xenakis, Iannis - Paille in the Wind for cello and piano (1992)
Yarunskiy, Sergey - `Ataviza`, futuristic quartet for narrator, piano, flute and cello on poems Mikhail Semenko (2015)
Zagaykevych, Alla - To keep silence, for piano and electronics
Zagaykevych, Alla - Voice/Way for sextet and electronics
Zemlinsky, Alexander von - Six songs on poems by Maeterlinck for mezzo-soprano and orchestra, op.13

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