Der Kaiser von Atlantis oder Die Tod-Verweigerung. Spiel in einem Akt 19431944
Libretto by Peter Kien

Kaiser Overall Emperor Overall baritone
Der Lautsprecher Loudspeaker bass-baritone
Ein Soldat A soldier tenor
Harlekin Pierrot tenor
Bubikopf A maiden soprano
Der Tod Death bass-baritone
Der Trommler Drummer girl mezzo-soprano

The Emperor of Atlantis ruler over much of the world proclaims universal war and declares that his old ally Death will lead the campaign. Death offended by the Emperor`s presumption breaks his sabre; henceforth men will not die. Confusion results a Soldier and a Girl-Soldier from opposite sides sing a love duet instead of fighting; the sick and suffering find no release. Death offers to return to men on one conditionthat the Emperor be the first to die. He accepts and sings his farewell.

The Emperor of Atlantis, opera,  (Ullmann)
Decca 440 854-2: Iris Vermillion, Michael Kraus, Herbert Lippert, Christiane Oelze, Walter Berry, Martin Petzold, Franz Mazura; Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, 1994.
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