Stanislav Gorkovenko
Stanislav Gorkovenko (conductor)
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Asafiev, Boris - A Woman-Treasurer, opera
Copytsko, Victor - Girl, Come on Bread (1980-81), opera
Gavrilin, Valeriy - Anyuta, ballet
Gavrilin, Valeriy - Evening, vocal cycle (1963-65)
Gavrilin, Valeriy - Waltzes
Gavrilin, Valeriy - `Skomorokhy` oratorio-action for soloist, chorus, ballet and orchestra (1967)
Gavrilin, Valeriy - `Theatrical divertissement` - symphonic suite No. 2
Handel, George Frideric - Orchestral Suite `Music for the Royal Fireworks`, HWV 351
Handel, George Frideric - Orchestral Suite `Water Music`, HWV 348-350
Kogan, Timur - Old Tango, film-ballet
Myaskovsky, Nikolay - Symphony No.10 in f-moll, op. 30
Prokofiev, Sergey - `Peter and the Wolf`, a symphonic tale for children (1936), op. 67
Prokofiev, Sergey - `Tales of the Old Grandmother` for piano (1918), op. 31
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Curse of the Sun, concert fantasy for clarinet, synthesizer and symphony orchestra (1990), op. 34
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - `Scheherazade`, symphonic suite (1888), op. 35
Schumann, Robert - Symphony No.1 in B-dur (Frühlings-Symphonie) (1841), Op. 38
Schumann, Robert - Symphony No.2 in C-dur (1845-46), Op. 61
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Wo die Citronen blüh`n!`, op.364
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Abschied von St. Petersburg`, op.210
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `An der schönen blauen Donau`(1867), op.314
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Frühlingsstimmen`, op.410
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Künstlerleben`, op.316
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Morgenblätter`, op.279
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Wiener Blut`, op.354
Strauss, Johann Jr. - Waltz `Wiener Bonbons`, op.307
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Variations on a Rococo Theme for cello and orchestra (1876-77), Op. 33
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Violin Concerto in D-dur (1878), Op. 35
Tikhomirov, Andrey - Foxtrot, a concert piece for orchestra