S`om pogues partir son voler,  (Faidit)

Gaucelm Faidit (1156–1210)

S`om pogues partir son voler


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Performed by the Kecskesh Ensemble: Istvan Toth (block flute, drum, kobza), Istvan Sabo (block flute, zurna, kobza, tambourine, psaltery), Lilya Varhey (lyre, rebek, bass rebek), Tamash Kish (tenor, organistrum, rattle, saz, kobza, lyre), Mikuu Montanaro (galyubet, bas-galyubet, tabor, harp) - Andras Kechkesh (ruk. ensemble, tambour, oud, tambourine, crotals, irish harp). 1986.

Sandra Hurtado-Ros, Jean Melu, Leo Richiom (vocals, ney), Isabella Bonnadier (vocals), Robert Guy (oud, lute), Esther Lamandier (vocals, organetto), Veronique Condessi (harp), Denis Doling (flute), Patrice Villaume (organistrum, timpanon), Valerie Lume (zither, daf), Louis Barband (santour), Dominique Rejef (rebec), Christophe Deligne (organetto), Thierry Gomard (percussion) - vocals and hands. the ensemble of Gerard Zucchetto. CD La Trò



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