Dejosta`ls breus jorns e`ls loncs sers,  (Alvernhe)

Peire Alvernhe (1130–1200)

Dejosta`ls breus jorns e`ls loncs sers

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Fontevrault Abbey, France, 1993.

Sandra Hurtado-Ros, Isabelle Bonnadier (vocals), Andre Rochard (oud, lute, gittern, fidel, rebeck, shalmay), Valerie Lume (gittern, zither), Patrice Villaume (cymbals, organistrum), Nick Blanton (cymbals), Dominique Rejef (rebeck, fidel, organistrum), Domitil Vigneron (rebec, Fidel), Maurice Moncose (Fidel, Rebec), Denis Doling (recorder, shalmey), Christophe Deligne (organetto), Thierry Gomar (percussion) - vocals and hands. the ensemble of Gerard Zucchetto. CD La Trò


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