Beat Furrer

Beat Furrer (Born 1954)
Aer, for Piano, Clarinet and Cello (1991)
Apon for Reader and Orchestra (2009)
Aria for soprano and six instruments (1999)
Begehren (2001)
Being and nothingness (2007) for ensemble
Concert for piano and orchestra (2007)
Drei Klavierstucke for piano (2003)
Enigma for chorus a cappella (2012)
Face du la Chaleur (1991) for large ensemble
FAMA VI (2005) for voice and contrabass flute
FAMA, Opera for narrator, eight voices and instrumental ensemble (2005)
Gaspra for ensemble (1988)
Invocation VI (2003) for soprano and bass flute
Lied for violin and orchestra (1993)
Linea dellorizzonte, for ensemble (2012)
Lotofagos I for soprano and contrabass (2006)
Melodia tellurica for winds (2011)
Melodie - fallend (2002-03)
Narcissus, opera (1994)
nero su nero (2018)
Nuun, for two pianos and orchestra (1995-1996)
Opera `Die Blinden` for chamber orchestra (based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck) (1989)
Phaos, for orchestra (2006)
Phaos, for orchestra (2006)
Phasma for solo piano (2002)
Presto con fuoco for flute and piano (1998)
Retour an dich, for violin, cello and piano (1984)
Solo for violoncello (2000)
Spur for piano and string quartet (1998)
Still, for the ensemble of soloists (1997)
Stimmen - Quartett for choir and percussion quartet (1995-99)
String Quartet No. 1 (1984)
String Quartet No. 3
Studie 2 - a un moment de terre perdue for ensemble (1990)
Time Out for flute, harp and strings (1995)
Trio for flute, saxophone (oboe) and clarinet (1985)
Und irgendwo fern, sehr fern for two pianos (1984)
Voicelessness. The snow has no voice for piano (1986)
Wüstenbuch, musical theatre (2010)
Zwei Studien, for chamber orchestra (2015)