Mikhail Kollontay

Mikhail Kollontay (Born 1952)
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3x3=10, nine studies for 10 different instruments (2019) op.65abc
Agnus Dei for violin and orchestra (2001) op. 48
Correspondence of Alexander Pushkin and St. Philaret for mezzo-soprano, string orchestra and harp (1996) op. 43
Eight Odes for Cello (2004) op. 52
Eight Spiritual Symphonies for three violins, three violas and three cellos (1975) op. 3
Etudes for Piano (2007) op. 55
Five Children Pieces for Piano (1987) op. 21bc
Four Dances for Violin (2009) op. 57
Four Miniatures for String Quartet (1985) op. 17
Four village summer pictures for piano (1975) op. 4
From the Korean poetry, for Soprano and Orchestra (1975) op. 62
Lament for the fall of the saints for English Horn and String Quintet (1994) op. 34b
Little dance suite for chamber orchestra (1986) op. 19a
Pages torn from the book of confessions, for wind quintet (2007) op. 56
Partita-Will for Violin (1993) op. 30
Percussion Ensemble (five pieces for children) op. 21d
Piano Concerto 1 `White` (1984; 2010) op. 13
Piano Concerto 2 (2008-09, 2011) op. 45
Poetry of Ancient Egypt, for soprano and harp (1979) op. 18
Prolegomena (Easy Pieces for Piano) (2014) op. 21a
S podorozhnoi... Cycle for tenor and organ at poems of M. Lermontov (1989) op. 20 bis
Scherzino for piano (1982) op. 11
Seven Biblical Epigraphs for Piano op. 40
Seven romantic ballads for piano (2000) op. 2 bis
Six Biblical Sonatas for Violin and Organ (1992) op. 28
Six Caprices for the destruction of the temple for Violin op. 34
Sonata for violin solo (1978) op. 14a
Sonatine for Piano (1969)
Symphony No.1 (Six Poems for Orchestra) (1974) op. 2
Symphony No.2 (1978) op. 16
Symphony No.3A `Catechisis` (1990) op. 25a
Symphony No.3B `The Works of the Life`, book 1 `Endysis` (2014) op. 25b-1
Symphony No.3B `The Works of the Life`, book 2 `Kerygma. Hell` (2015) op. 25b-2
Symphony No.3B `The Works of the Life`, book 3 `Diabasis` (2017) OP. 25B-3
Symphony No.4 `Unfinished` (2011) op. 60
Ten Words of Musorgsky after the Death of Viktor Gartman for piano, violin and cello (1993) op. 32
The Birthday of the Infanta (1979) op. 9
Trio-Symphony for organ (1986) op. 20
Two Prayers for soprano and piano (2000) op. 47
Two Songs and the Dance of King David for 11 performers (1991) op. 14
Viola Concerto (1980) op. 8
Violin Concerto `Blue Ray` (2012) op. 61
`Day of the Lord` for grand symphony orchestra (2006; 2008) op. 54
`Feelings of Evil-doer on Christmas Eve` for cello & piano (1994) op. 35
`For New Martirology`, five compositions for organ (2010) op. 59
`Ivan` for bass and six trumpets (2009) op. 58
`Ode of the traitor` for flute and organ (1993) op. 33
`Plantain`, vocal cycle on the words by N. Rubtsov for bass and piano (1981) op. 10
`Praise to the Holy Mother of God` (2nd string quartet), 14 hymns (1988) op. 22
`Rural Choirs`, for mixed choir and six soloists (1973) op. 1
`The Blessed Citizens of Heavenly Kingdom`: nine preludes for piano (1992) op. 29
`To The Dark Mouth`, concerto for voice and chamber orchestra (1986) op. 19b
`Trumpet of Death` for organ (1993) op. 31
`Under the canopy of black cherries and acacias`, small cantata for children`s choir, strings and solo flute; lyrics by Konstantin Batyuschkov (1985) op. 15
`Winter` (`from` Diptych for children`s choir on the words of E. Baratynsky) (1974) op. 24 2