Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy
Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy (composer)

Albeniz, Isaac - Parts of Works
Albeniz, Isaac - Suite `Spain` for iano op.165
Boccherini, Luigi - Quintet for Guitar and Strings No.4 in D-dur `Fandango` G.448
Bulahov, Petr - I have not forgotten you over the years
Bulahov, Petr - Not for nothing I was afraid of meeting
Carulli, Ferdinando - Variazions in F-dur for Guitar and Piano by theme Beethoven op.169
Diabelli, Anton - Allegro moderato ( 2 from `Sehr leichte Stucke`)
Diabelli, Anton - Andante con espressione ( 26 from `Sehr leichte Stucke`)
Diabelli, Anton - Sonatine for Guitar and Piano in A-dur op. 68
Films-about-musicians, - Alexandr Ivanov-Kramskoi, guitar
Giuliani, Mauro - Trio for violin, cello and guitar A-dur
Gragnani, Filippo - Duetto for guitar and violin in A-dur
Gragnani, Filippo - Sonata for violin and guitar F-dur
Granados, Enrice - Spanish dance No. 5: Andaluza
Gurilev, Alexander - Polka-Mazurka
Haydn, Joseph - String Quartet op. 2 No.2 in E-dur Hob III: 8
Ivanov-Kramskoy, Alexander - Asturian dance
Ivanov-Kramskoy, Alexander - Catalan song
Ivanov-Kramskoy, Alexander - Dance with tambourine
Ivanov-Kramskoy, Alexander - Dreams
Ivanov-Kramskoy, Alexander - Round dance on the Russian song Like a Moon
Ivanov-Kramskoy, Alexander - Tarantella
Ivanov-Kramskoy, Alexander - Variations on a theme A. Varlamov` song Do not wake her in the morning
Lyadov, Anatoliy - Prelude
Malats, Joaquin - Spanish Serenade
Moreno-Torroba, Federico - Suite castellana
Paganini, Niccolo - 6 Sonatas for violin and guitar op. 2
Paganini, Niccolo - 6 Sonatas for violin and guitar op. 3
Paganini, Niccolo - Quartet for Strings and Guitar No. 2 G-dur MS 29
Rameau, Jean-Philippe - Parts of Works
Sanz, Gaspar - Volume 1: Instrucción de música sobre la guitarra española (Zaragoza, 1674): 7 `Pavanas al Aire Espanol`
Sor, Fernando - Folia (theme and four variations) op.15a
Sor, Fernando - Variations on a Theme from `The Magic Flute` by Mozart (1821) op. 9
Tarrega, Francesco - Mazurka `Marieta`
Tarrega, Francesco - Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Varlamov, Alexander - Red sundress (Varlamov - Ciganov)
Villa-Lobos, Heitor - Etude for guitar No. 1 e-moll (1929) W235 / 1
Vinas, Jose - Fantasia
Visee, Robert de - Passacaglia
Weber, Carl Maria von - Divertimento for Guitar and Piano op. 38
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