Alexander Borodin


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The musical painting `In Central Asia` (1880)
Serenade of Four Knights for One Lady (1868-72)
Adagio Patetico for piano 4 hands. 1849
Allegretto (Des-dur) for four hands piano. 1861
Little suite for piano (1885)
Opera `Prince Igor` (1869-87)
Opera `Prince Igor` (arias)
Opera `Prince Igor` (parts)
Opera-ballet `Mlada` (final)
Polka Helene or four hands piano (1843)
Arabic Melody, Romance
Coast of the Distant Homeland, Romance
My Tears, Romance
Beauty Fisherwoman, Romance
A Sea, Romance
Sea Princess, Romance
My songs are filled with poison, Romance
Song of the Dark Forest
The Nice Girl Stopped Loving, Romance
Listen, My Girlfriends, Romance
Hubris, Romance
The Sleeping Princess, Romance
People in the House, Romance, poem of N. Nekrasov
Fake Note, Romance
Early Dawn, Romance
Wonderful Garden, Romance
Russian Scherzo in D-dur (from the quartet Fridays)
Spanish Serenade for quartet
Symphony No.1 Es-dur (1862-67)
Symphony No.2 h-moll `Warriors` (1869-76)
Symphony No.3 A-dur (1886-87)
Scherzo A-dur for piano (1885)
Scherzo E-dur for four hands (1861)
Sonata for Cello and Piano in h-moll (1860)
String Trio in G-dur
What I Saddened You, String Trio in G Minor on a theme of the song (1855)
Quartet `B-la-f` (Co-authors: N.Rimsky-Korsakov, A.Lyadov, A.Glazunov; 1886)
String Quartet No.1 A-dur (1879)
String Quartet No.2 (1881)
String Quintet in f-moll (1859-60)
String Sextet in d-moll (1860-61)
Tarantella for four hands piano (1962)
Piano Trio D-dur (1860-61)
Piano quintet c-moll (1862)