Alexander Borodin

Alexander Borodin (1833–1887)
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4 pieces from the collective composition `Paraphrases` on the theme of the children`s `Ta-ti, ta-ti` for piano (1874-78) AB deest
A Sea, Romance AB 26
Adagio Patetico for piano 4 hands. 1849 AB 2
Allegretto (Des-dur) for four hands piano. 1861 AB 11a
Arabic Melody, Romance AB 36
Beauty Fisherwoman, Romance AB 9
Coast of the Distant Homeland, Romance AB 34
Early Dawn, Romance AB 4
Fake Note, Romance AB 23
Glory to Cyril and Methodius! (1885) AB 40
Hubris, Romance AB 37
Listen, My Girlfriends, Romance AB 8
Little suite for piano (1885) AB 31
My songs are filled with poison, Romance AB 20
My Tears, Romance AB 27
Opera `Prince Igor` (1869-87) AB 25
Opera `Prince Igor` (arias) AB 25
Opera `Prince Igor` (parts) AB 25
Opera-ballet `Mlada` (final) AB 29
Parts of works
People in the House, Romance, poem of N. Nekrasov AB 35
Piano quintet c-moll (1862) AB 16
Piano Trio D-dur (1850-61) AB 14 (3)
Polka Helene or four hands piano (1843) AB 1
Quartet `B-la-f` (Co-authors: N.Rimsky-Korsakov, A.Lyadov, A.Glazunov; 1886) AB deest
Russian Scherzo in D-dur (from the quartet Fridays) AB deest
Scherzo A-dur for piano (1885) AB 39
Scherzo E-dur for four hands (1861) AB 15
Sea Princess, Romance AB 21
Serenade of Four Knights for One Lady (1870-72) AB 28
Sonata for Cello and Piano in h-moll (1860) AB 13
Song of the Dark Forest AB 22
Spanish Serenade for quartet AB 41
String Quartet No.1 in A-dur (1874-79) AB 30
String Quartet No.2 in D-dur (1881) AB 33
String Quintet in f-moll (1859-60) AB 11
String Sextet in d-moll (1860-61) AB 12
String Trio in G-dur AB 5
Symphony No.1 Es-dur (1862-67) AB 18
Symphony No.2 h-moll `Warriors` (1869-76) AB 24
Symphony No.3 A-dur (1886-87) AB 42
Tarantella for four hands piano (1862) AB 17
The musical painting `In Central Asia` (1880) AB 32
The Nice Girl Stopped Loving, Romance AB 7
The Sleeping Princess, Romance AB 19
What I Saddened You, String Trio in G Minor on a theme of the song (1855) AB 10
Wonderful Garden, Romance AB 38