Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland (1900–1990)
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12 Poems of Emily Dickinson
2 Ballads for Violin and Piano
2 Pieces for String Orchestra (1923, 1928)
2 Pieces for Strings (1929)
3 Latin American Sketches
4 early songs
4 piano blues
8 Poems of Emili Dickinson: 5. Nature, the gentlest mother
8 Poems of Emilt Dickinson: 6. Sleep is supposed to be
8 Poems of Emilt Dickinson: 7. The world feels dusty
8 Poems of Emilt Dickinson: 8. The Chariot
8 poems of Emily Dickinson
8 Poems of Emily Dickinson: 1. There came a wind like a bugle
8 Poems of Emily Dickinson: 2. Heart, we will forget him
8 Poems of Emily Dickinson: 3. Dear March, come in!
8 Poems of Emily Dickinson: 4. Going to Heaven!
An Outdoor Overture
Ballet `Appalachian Spring` (1945)
Ballet `Billy The Kid` (1939)
Ballet `Rodeo` (1942)
Canticle of Freedom
Concerto for Clarinet, String Orchestra, Harp and Piano (1947-48)
Connotations (1961-1962)
Cuban Dance
Dance Symphony
Down a Country Lane (1962)
Dream March and Circus Music
Duo for Flute and Piano (1971)
Duo for Violin and Piano
El Salon Mexico
Elegies for Violin and Viola
Fanfare for the Common Man
In Evening Air (1966)
In The Beginning (1947)
John Henry (1940, revised 1952)
Las Agachadas (The Shake-down Song) (1942)
Letter from the Home (1943-44)
Lincoln Portrait (1942)
Motet `Have mercy on us, O my Lord`
Motet `Help us, O Lord`
Motet `Sing ye praises to our King`
Music for movies (1942)
Music For The Theatre, suite for small orchestra (1925)
Night Thoughts (Homage to Ives) (1972)
Nocturne for Violin and Piano
Old American Songs
Organ Symphony
Our Town (1940)
Parts of Works
Passacaglia (1922)
Piano Concerto
Piano Fantasy (1955-57)
Piano Variations (1930)
Quartet for Piano & Strings
Quiet City
Scherzo humoristique: Le Chat et la Souris (1920)
Sentimental Melody (Slow Dance) (1926)
Sextet for Clarinet, Piano & String Quartet (arr. of Symphony No. 2)
Sonata for Piano
Sonata for violin & piano
Sonata in G-dur
Statements (1934-1935)
Suite from Ballet `Appalachian Spring`
Suite from Ballet `Billy the Kid`
Suite from Ballet `Rodeo`
Sunday Afternoon Music (1935)
Symphonic Ode
Symphony No. 1
Symphony No.2 (Short Symphony, 1931-33)
Symphony No.3
The Red Pony Suite (1949)
The Young Pioneers (1935)
Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello `Vitebsk` (1929)
Ukulele Serenade for Violin and Piano
Waltz and Celebration from ballet `Billy Kid`, for cello and piano


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