Georgy Firtich

GEORGY FIRTICH (1938–2016)

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Vladimir Mayakovsky, Symphonic Oratorio for Two Baritones, Sopranos and Orchestra (2009)
Recollection of Mikhailovskoe. In Commemoration of A. S. Pushkin (1999)
My City, the Song Cycle on Poems of A. Blok
To the Not Distant Beloved. A Business Suite for the Three: Piano, Violin and Trombone
The End of the Manvantara, Mystery Symphony for the synthesizer (2003)
Contrasts, Sonata for Flute and Piano
`Max Ernst`, symphony for synthesizer and chamber ensemble (2009)
Lake Asleep, on Poems by A. Kruchenykh from the opera Victory Over the Sun
Parallels, Symphony for Large Orchestra (2013)
Motley Signs, Sonata for Violin and Piano
Victory Over the Sun, opera, piano. Author`s record. Op. 2006
On It, A Llyrical Symphony for Orchestra, Violin Solo and Male Voices (2010)
100 Songs, likbez for Eight
Farewell to Repino, Musical Sketch for Violin and Piano
Pskov. Symphony (2001)
`Resonances`, symphony for chamber ensemble (2000)
`Solar wind`, symphony (2002)
`Surr-Break`, installation for piano and percussion (2007)
`Futu-Rus` (`Amplitudes`), composition for six (2004)
`What is Good,` for Soprano and Instrumental Ensemble
Steps of Harms, A Mini-Opera for Soprano, Baritone and Instrumental Ensemble (2008)
Vocalise for Baritone and Piano
Leningrad, Cantata, Poems by B. Kezhun
Violin Concerto (2006)
Piano Concerto
Concert-Symphony for voice and orchestra (2005)
Concerto-Fantasy for Two Pianos and Flute
`Most Beautiful Ships`. Music for the film (1972)
Sonata No. 5 for piano
Sonata No. 7 for piano `Autumn Song`
Sonata No. 8 for piano
Sonata No. 9 for piano (1995)
Sonata No.10 for piano (1996)
Sonata No.12 for Piano and Text `Spring Song`
Sonata-an Epitaph in Memory of M. Gorelik
String Quartet (2003)