Dmitriy Shostakovich

Dmitriy Shostakovich (1906–1975)
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10 Songs of the Jester from music to the tragedy of W. Shakespeare King Lear (1941) op. 58b
2 choirs to words by Davidenko for mixed voices and orchestra (1962) op.124
24 Preludes (1932-33) op. 34
3 fugues for piano (1930s?)
4 waltzes for clarinet, flute and piano (1955)
5 preludes for piano (1920-21)
Bagatelle for Piano (1919-20)
Bagatelle in C Major for Piano (1919)
Ballet Suite No. 1, 1949
Ballet suite 2 (1951) op. 89b
Ballet suite 4 (1953)
Ballet suite 3 (1952) op. 91
Ballet `Hypothetically Murdered` (1931) op. 31
Ballet `The Young Lady and the Hooligan` (1962)
Bolt, the ballet in two acts with a libretto by V. Smirnov (1931) op. 27
Chamber Symphony op.118a
Chamber Symphony op. 83a
Chamber Symphony `In Memory of the Victims of Fascism and War` (orchestrated by String Quartet No.8) op.110
Concertino for two pianos (1953) op. 94
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No.1 in Es-dur (1959) op.107
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No.2 in G-dur (1966) op.126
Concerto for piano and orchestra 2 in F major (1957) op.102
Concerto for violin and orchestra No. in cis-moll (1967) op.129
Concerto for violin and orchestra No.1 in a-moll (1947-48) op. 77
Eight British and American folk songs (translated by S. Marshak, S. Bolotin, T. Sikorski) for bass and orchestra (1943)
Festive Overture in A major (1954) op. 96
Fidelity, eight ballads for male choir op.136
Five Fragments for Orchestra (1935) op. 42
Five Pieces for Two Violins and Piano
Five Preludes (1918-20) op. 2
Five Romances on Texts from `Krokodil` Magazine for bass and piano op.121
Five songs on poems by Eugene Dolmatovski op. 98
Foreword to the complete collection of my writings and a brief reflection on this foreword, for the bass and piano (1966) op.123
Four monologue on poems of Alexander Pushkin for bass and piano op. 91
Four Poems of Captain Lebyadkin (from Dostoevsky`s novel `The Possessed`) for bass and piano op.146
Four Romances on poems by Pushkin for bass and piano (1936-37) op. 46
Four Songs to Words by Dolmatovsky op. 86
From Jewish Folk Poetry (1948) op. 79
Funeral March in memory of the victims of the Revolution for piano (1918)
Greek songs (1952-53)
Hamlet, suite from the incidental music (1932) op. 32a
I Was Waiting for You in the Grotto, The orchestral transcription of the romance by N. Rimsky-Korsakov
Impromptu for viola and piano (1931) op. 33
Intermezzo for piano (1919-20)
King Lear. 1970 op.137
Klyatva narkomu. 1941
Mephistopheles Song of the Flea by Beethoven, Orchestral transcription op. 75 3
Merry march for 2 pianos, 1949
Minuet for piano (1919-20)
Moderato for Cello & Piano op. 40a
Mourning-triumphant Prelude (1967) op.130
Music for the cartoon `The Tale of the Priest and his Worker Balda` (reconstruction by V. Bibergan, 1933-34) op. 36
Music for the film `Alone` (1930-31) op. 26
Music for the film `Belinsky` (1950) op. 85
Music for the film `Golden Mountains` (1931) op. 30
Music for the film `Love and Hate` (1935) op. 38
Music for the film `The Return of Maxim` (1936-37) op. 45
Music for the film `Volochaev Days` (1936-37) op. 48
Music for the tragedy of W. Shakespeare `King Lear` (1941) op. 58a
Music to Shakespeare`s play `Hamlet` (1931-32) op. 32
Music to the film Girl Friends (19341935) op. 41a
Music to the film Michurin op. 78
Nezabyvaemyi 1919/Memorable of 1919 (1951) op. 89a
Novorossiiskie kuranty, for choir and orchestra (1960) op.111b
Opera `Katerina Ismailova` (second edition of the opera `Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk`) (1953-62) op.114
Opera `Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk` (1930-32) op. 29
Opera `Players` (1941-1942)
Opera `The Nose` (1927-1928) op. 15
Orango, opera (1932)
Overture to the opera by E. Dressel `Poor Columbus` op. 23
Overture on Russian and Kirghiz Folk Themes, 1963 op.115
Parts and fragments of compositions
Passacaglia for organ from the opera `Katerina Izmailova`
Pesnya o fonarike. 1942
Piano Concerto No. 1 in C minor (also known as the Concerto in C minor for Piano, Trumpet, and String Orchestra) (1933) op. 35
Piano Quintet in g-moll (1940) op. 57
Piano Sonata No.1 (1926) op. 12
Piano Sonata No.2 in h-moll (1943) op. 61
Piano Trio No.1 in c-moll (1923) op. 8
Piano Trio 2 in e-moll (1944) op. 67
Piece for Piano in C Major (1919-20)
Poem of the Motherland for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1947) op. 74
Prelude and Scherzo for String Octet (1924-25) op. 11
Prelude for Piano (1919-20)
Prelude-march for piano (1919-20)
Rule Britannia! op. 28
Scherzo in E-flat Major (1923-24) op. 7
Scherzo in F Sharp Minor for Orchestra (1919) op. 1
Seven poems by Alexander Blok for soprano and piano trio (1967) op.127
Silly Little Mouse/Glupyi myshonok, 1939 op. 56
Six Romances on the words by Japanese poets op. 21
Six romances for bass and chamber orchestra (1971) op.140
Six Romances on Verses by W.Raleigh, R.Burns and W.Shakespeare (1943) op. 62
Six songs on poems by British poets (1942) op. 62
Solemn march for military band (1942)
Sonata for Cello and Piano in d-moll (1934) op. 40
Sonata for Viola and Piano (1975) op.147
Sonata for violin and piano (1945) (unfinished)
Song of Rosita (1938)
String Quartet No. 1 in C-dur (1938) op. 49
String Quartet No. 2 in A-dur (1944) op. 68
String Quartet No. 3 in F-dur (1946) op. 73
String Quartet No. 4 in D-dur (1949) op. 83
String Quartet No. 5 in B-dur (1952) op. 92
String Quartet No. 6 in G-dur (1956) op.101
String Quartet No. 7 in fis-moll (1960) op.108
String Quartet No. 8 in c-moll (1960) op.110
String Quartet No. 9 in Es-dur (1964) op.117
String Quartet No.10 in As-dur (1964) op.118
String Quartet No.11 in f-moll (1966) op.122
String Quartet No.12 in Des-dur (1968) op.133
String Quartet No.13 in b-moll (1970) op.138
String Quartet No.14 in Fis-dur (1973) op.142
String Quartet No.15 in es-moll (1974) op.144
Suite `The Tale of the Priest and His Servant Balda` op. 36a
Suite for jazz Orchestra (1938)
Suite for Pop Orchestra
Suite for the ballet `Bright Stream` op. 39a
Suite for Two Pianos in F Sharp Minor (1922) op. 6
Suite from music to film `A Girl Alone` (1931) op. 26a
Suite from music to film `Pirogov` op. 76
Suite from music to film `The Gadfly` op. 97a
Suite from music to film `Zoya` op. 64
Suite from music to Mayakovsky`s play `The Bedbug` (1929) op. 19a
Suite from music to pop-circus representation `Conditionally killed` op. 31a
Suite from the ballet `Bolt` op. 27
Suite from the ballet `The Golden Age` op. 22a
Suite from the music for the film `Year is like life` (1965) op.120
Suite from the opera `Katerina Ismailova` (1964) op.114a
Suite from the opera `The Nose` (1930) op. 15a
Suite on Finnish Themes (1939)
Suite on Poems of Michelangelo (with orchestra) op.145a
Suite on words by Michelangelo Buonarroti for bass and piano (1974) op.145
Suite `Golden Mountain` op. 30
Symphonic fragment (1945) op. 70b
Symphony for Strings and Winds op. 73a
Symphony No. 1 in f-moll (1924-25) op. 10
Symphony No. 2 in H-dur `To October` (1927) op. 14
Symphony No. 3 in Es-dur `The First of May` (1929-30) op. 20
Symphony No. 4 in c-moll (1934-36) op. 43
Symphony No. 5 in d-moll (1937) op. 47
Symphony No. 6 in h-moll (1939) op. 54
Symphony No. 7 in C-dur `Leningrad` (1941) op. 60
Symphony No. 8 in c-moll op. 65
Symphony No. 9 in Es-dur (1945) op. 70
Symphony No.10 in e-moll op. 93
Symphony No.11 in g-moll `1905` (1957) op.103
Symphony No.13 in b-moll `Babi Yar` (1962) op.113
Symphony No.14 for soprano, bass, strings and percussion (1969) op.135
Symphony No.15 in A-dur (1971) op.141
Symphony 12 in d-moll `1917` (1961) op.112
Tarantella for 2 pianos (1954)
Ten poems for chorus to the verses of revolutionary poets of the late XIX and early XX op. 88
Ten Russian Folk Songs. Arranged for soloists, mixed chorus and piano (1951)
The Fall of Berlin, Two pieces of music for the film (1949) op. 82
The First Echelon op. 99
The Great Citizen op. 55
The song `The Motherland hears` on the lyrics. Dolmatovsky for tenor and choir (1951)
Theme and Variations for Orchestra (1921-22) op. 3
Three fantastic dance (1920-22) op. 5
Three Pieces (1920)
Three Romances on poems by Pushkin (orchestral version) op. 46a
Three variations on a theme of Glinka (1957)
Three violin duo op. 97d
Train of pleasures by J. Strauss, arr. of the polka
Treatment of Russian folk song `Kak menja mladu mladeshenku` for unaccompanied chorus
Trilogiya o Maksime op. 50a
Twenty-four Preludes and Fugues (1950-51) op. 87
Two Krylov`s fables for mezzo-soprano, chorus and orchestra (1922) op. 4
Two Pieces for string quartet (1931)
Two plays by D. Scarlatti for wind orchestra (1928) op. 17
Two Romances (by M.Lermontov) (1950) op. 84
Two Songs to the spectacle Victorious Spring after Svetlov op. 72b
Venuli vetry, Russian folk song
Vesna, vesna / Spring, Spring. Lyrics by A. Pushkin. (1967) op.128
Violin Sonata in G-dur (1968) op.134
Waltz from the film `Song of the Great Rivers` (1954) op. 95
Young Guard, Op. 75a, 1951(misic for the movie of the same name) op. 75a
`6 poems of Marina Tsvetaeva` op.143
`Antiformalist paradise` for four bass, narrator, chorus and piano (1948/1968)
`Aphorisms`, ten pieces for piano (1927) op. 13
`Big Lightning `, unfinished opera (1932)
`Children`s Notebook` Seven Pieces for Piano (1944-1945) op. 69
`Counterplan` (1932) op. 33
`Dancing Dolls`, seven pieces for piano (1952)
`Fall of Berlin`, suite from music to film (1949) op. 82a
`Five days, Five nights`, suite from music to film (1960) op.111a
`Golden Age`, a ballet in three acts, libretto by A. Ivanovski (1930) op. 22
`Hamlet`, suite from music to film (1964) op.116a
`Human Comedy`, music for the play by P. Sukhotin based on novels by O. de Balzac (1933-34) op. 37
`In the forest`, trilogy for piano (1919)
`March of the Soviet Militia` for Wind Orchestra (1970) op.139
`Moscow, Cheryomushki` (songs) op.105
`Moscow, Cheryomushki`, operetta in three acts op.105
`Murzilka` for piano
`Native Leningrad` music for the play `Fatherland` (1942) op. 63
`New Babylon` (1928-29) motion picture soundtreck op. 18
`New Babylon`, suite from music to film (1928-1929) op. 18a
`October`, symphonic poem (1967) op.131
`Russian River`, the music for the play (1944) op. 66
`Salute, Spain!`, music for the play by A. Afinogenov (1936) op. 44
`Satire`, five songs to the words of Sasha Cherny for soprano and piano op.109
`Song of the Forests` an oratorio on the words by E. Dolmatovski for tenor, bass, boys` choir, mixed choir and orchestra (1949) op. 81
`Sophia Perovskaya`, 1967 op.132
`Spanish Songs` for mezzo-soprano and piano (1956) op.100
`Tahiti Trot` (orchestration compositions by V. Yumansa `Tea for Two`) (1927) op. 16
`The Adventures of Korzinkina`, suite from the film music (1940-41) op. 59a
`The Bright Stream`, a comic ballet in three acts with a prologue to a libretto by F. Lopukhov and A. Piotrowski (1935) op. 39
`The Bug`, music to play by Vladimir Mayakovsky (1929) op. 19
`The Execution of Stepan Razin `, vocal-symphonic poem on the words by Yevgeny Yevtushenko for bass, chorus and orchestra (1964) op.119
`The Gadfly`, motion picture soundtrack (1955) op. 97
`The Man with the Gun`, motion picture soundtrack (1938) op. 53
`The Sun Shines upon Our Native Land`, cantata on the words by E. Dolmatovski for boys` choir, mixed choir and orchestra (1952) op. 90
`Tosca` (Nostalgia), piece for piano (1919-20)
`Were kisses` on the words by E. Dolmatovski for voice and piano (1954)
`Zoe` motion picture soundtreck op. 64
Hamlet motion picture soundtrack op.116
Meeting on Elba op. 80

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