Tatyana Smirnova

Tatyana Smirnova (1940–2018)
"Adagio" for string orchestra (in memory of Shostakovich)
"aquarelles" - suite for children"s choir in 4 parts, unaccompanied
"Aromas morning" for two flutes and piano (based on the painting of the artist Andrew Knoblock)
"Bagatelle" three pieces for flute and piano
"Black Man", a musical version of poem by SA Esenin for narrator, oboe, bass and piano
"Capriccioso" for oboe solo
"Concertino" for the domra and Orchestra
"Concerto" for flute, strings and harpsichord
"Dance Suite" for piano and domra in 5 parts
"Dedication to Stevan Mokryants" for mixed choir
"Five Russian Songs" on the texts of the Smolensk region for a national voice unaccompanied
"Hymn to the Motherland" for brass band
"Intrada" for 6 trumpetes, bells and timpani (to 140 anniversary of the MGK)
"Japanese aquarelle", suite for violin, flute, oboe, cello and harpsichord
"Landscapes of Tatiana Smirnova"
"Music of the Mountains" - a concert-symphony for winds, harp, bass and percussion
"Music of the Sea" for winds, percussion and harp
"Native Melodies" - a suite for a quartet of Russian folk instruments
"On the Motherland of Sergei Esenin" for a quartet of IDH
"Persian motifs" for narrator, flute, cello and harp on the poems of Omar Khayyam and C. Esenina
"Russ of Bells" a cycle of piano pieces
"Sakura blossoms" for flute solo
"Scherzo" for two flutes and piano
"Serenade to Spring", a trio for oboe, cello and piano
"Seven Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca," a song cycle for voice and piano, 1975
"Six sketches" for violin and piano
"Snow White" - a song to a popular text
"Sonata-Ballad" for Trumpet and Piano
"Sonata-Poem" for Violin and Piano
"Spring dance"- cycle choruses for women"s choir, folk words
"Spring", the chorus for children"s choir and piano, words by Mikhail Isakovskogo
"Tunes" Sonata for Oboe and Piano in 3 movements
Aria (Adagio) and Scerco (Allegro) for saxsophone solo op. 593
Autumn sketches for the reader, soprano, oboe, cello and piano in 3 movements, poems by S. Esenin op.100
Bakhchisaray` Legends, the cycle of five pieces for piano (after Pushkin`s poem) op. 90
Children`s Suite No. 1 for a symphony orchestra in 8 parts (1973) op. 152
Christmas Album, for four hands piano op. 98
Colored Songs for voice, choir, flute and percussion op. 242
Concert Suite in 5 movements for wind quintet, 1976. op. 29
Concert Symphony for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra (1986) op. 64
Concerto Variations for Domra Solo op. 43 1
Concerto 2 for piano and orchestra op. 44
Dedicated to the heroes. Concert for soloists and mixed chorus (lyrics by N. Brown)
Educational "Seasons Tatiana Smirnova"
Ensembles in the 4 th hands for the piano from a textbook, TG Smirnova, "Russian school of piano playing"
Fanfare, Prelude, Fughetta for two trumpets, Op. 18 No. 1
From Japanese Poetry. Song Cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano op. 31
From the "Etudes-plays on Russian folk themes ("The Russian school of piano playing")
From the series "Portraits" ("Russian school of piano playing")
Instrumental ensembles of textbooks, TG Smirnova, "The Russian school of piano playing"
Italian Notebook. Song cycle in 5 parts op. 97
January Cantata, for Verses by N. Rubtsov for Women`s (Children`s) Choir, Piano and Ttriangle op. 683
Life Stories, Partita for organ solo, 5 parts op.107
Monologue for trombone and piano
Motherland, for Tenor and Mixed Choir
Old Lady Has a Goat, for mixed children`s choir
Romantic Message for R. Schumann for cello and piano in three parts 1. Prelude 2. Chorale 3. Fantastic Scherzo op.103
Scherzo for Trombone and Piano
Seven choruses on poems by Pushkin for mixed chorus unaccompanied, 1983. op. 58
Silentium for Voice and Cello (Double-bass) op. 99
Sirenes for harp solo op. 85
Sonata 1 for Solo Violin, 1983. op. 57 1
Sonata 2 for piano (dedication to Bunin and of the Russian emigration), 1996. op. 83
Spanish Sketches
Suite for four trumpets, op.43 # 2
Tatyana Smirnova`s interview on the radio `Russia`
Terzetto for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon, 1984. op. 59 4
Three poems `In the homeland of Garcia Lorca` for guitar solo op. 63
Three concert pieces for trumpet and piano, op. 612
Three sonnets (Letter A. Mickiewicz and Chopin) in 3 parts for the piano from the `Romantic messages and dedication` 1996. op. 84
To whom I cry, O Lady? for voice and organ op. 722
Violin sonata No. 2, three parts op. 57 2
Visions for saxophone soprano (clarinet) and piano op. 931
`Arabesque` for bassoon solo, 1984. op. 59 1
`Ay, a horse runs`, the chorus from the `Northern Song` on folk texts
`Bakhchisarai Fountain` - a musical version of the same name by Alexander Pushkin`s poem for narrator and piano player
`Briar-Rose blooms`, a song cycle on poems of Anna Akhmatova, 1987. op. 67
`Concert Duet` for flute and domra op. 381
`Concert-Symphony` (Prokofiev) for cello and chamber orchestra from `The Romantic messages ` op. 65
`Concert-Symphony` for tuba and orchestra in 3 parts, 1978. op. 37
`Concerto` for mixed choir on the canonical texts (In Memory of parents) , 1989. op. 72 1
`Dedication of Leningrad` an oratorio in 7 parts for soloists, two choirs and orchestra op. 14 2
`Dedication to D. Scarlatti` for piano in 5-parts , 1988 op. 69
`Divertimento` (`Musicians joke`), a trio for oboe, cello and harp from the `The Romantic messages` (1985) op. 62 2
`Eos` for oboe solo op. 76 1
`Gloria` for mixed (children`s) choir, piano, percussion, 2005. op. 93 2
`In Lumshory` - a suite of 7 pieces for saxophone and piano op. 76 2
`In memory of the heroes of the Baltic` - ballad for baritone and piano Op. 2 No. 2
`In the Land of fjords` Small Triptych. Edvard Grieg (from `The Romantic messages and dedication`) op. 92
`In the spring night` (AA Alyab`ev) - painting for three flutes and triangle (1998) op. 89 1
`Japanese aquarelle 2`, a series of 7 pieces for 2 violins, viola, flute, oboe, cello, double bass and harpsichord, 1997. op. 36 2
`Lyrics of Alexander Blok`, a song cycle in 12 parts for voice and piano, 1981. op. 50 1
`News from Salzburg` for flute and piano , 2006. op. 95
`Northern Tale` - Folk Opera in six scenes with a prologue and epilogue for soloists, chorus and folk orchestra of Russian folk instruments. op. 54
`Partita` for cello and piano in 3-parts (1989) op. 72 2
`Pomorie` - cantata for a national voice and orchestra of Russian folk instruments in 5 parts, the words of Boris Shergin, Martha Kryukova, 1992r op. 77 2
`Romantic message to the Chopin` for piano op. 91 2
`Romantic messages` (Rachmaninov, Mozart, Dvorak) - a series of pieces for harp and cello,1999. op. 91 1
`Romantic message` for cello and piano op. 91
`Sergius of Radonezh` opera oratorio in 3 scenes with a prologue and epilogue for solutes, choir and orchestra op. 79
`Shore of Tavrida you are beautiful` - Sinfonia Concertante for winds, harp, bass and percussion to words by AS Pushkin, 1995. op. 81
`Silentium` for voice and piano on poems Tyutchev, 1988. op. 70 2
`Six paintings from Russian folk poetry` for female voice and ORNI op. 12
`Son of man` - Sinfonia Concertante for quintet of brass, celesta, piano and percussion in 5-parts, 1991. op. 76
`Song of Russia`, a song cycle in 5 parts on the verses D. Kedrin for baritone and piano, 1974. op. 21
`Spell of Spring` - a choral series in 6 parts on poems by Alexander Blok and folk texts (for female or children`s choir), op. 50 2
`Sun to meet` - cantata for soloists, chorus and orchestra, 1980. Big Children`s Choir BP and T. Artistic director Victor Popov op. 49 1
`Suzdal pictures` five pieces for piano op. 14 1
`The Language of Flowers` - a cycle for solo harp in 5-parts, 1996. op. 86
`The time of flowering chrysanthemums` for narrator, flute and harp (Vs. K. Balmont and ancient Japanese poets) 1998. op. 88 2
`To a Friend` - a song cycle in five parts on the verses Gumilev for voice and piano, 1989. op. 73
`Vocalissimo` - cycle in five parts for voice, cello and double bass, 2013 op.1042
`Vocalissimo` for Voice and Cello, three parts op.104
`Welcome Concert` for chamber orchestra in 3 parts, 1984. op. 60
`Who are you, my charmer?` - A song cycle in seven parts on the verses F. Sologub for voice and piano, 1990. op. 74