Kirill Volkov

Kirill Volkov (Born 1943)
"Jasmine Flower" - processing of Chinese folk songs for mixed choir (2009)
"Mockingbird" ("Schutz with Gorokhova ") for eight cellos (2007)
"The Prayer" on the lyrics by N.V. Gogol for soprano and string quintet
A Black Magician`s Gift - film music (1978)
Alarming Month of Veresen
Andrei Rublev", the concert - picture for orchestra with solo brass quintet (1970)
Blow the Trumpet Song (the theme of King Ivan the Terrible) for female choir (1990)
CHASTOGOVORKI Piano Sonata No. 2
Christmas Diptych for female choir (2001)
Concerto for Domra and Orchestra. 2010
Concerto for Harp Quartet, Flute, Oboe and Strings (1979)
Concerto for Orchestra (1975)
Crying Habakkuk (Lamentable word about three confessors) for mixed choir a cappella (1989)
Double Concerto for mezzo - soprano, cello and orchestra (1973)
Gondla, poem by N. Gumilev. Sonata No. 4 for an accordion, 2008
LIVE AND REMEMBER opera based on Valentin Rasputin
Matvei`s Joy (1985)
Muzhitsky Skaz, opera
My Quiet Homeland, poems by N. Rubtsov. 1984
Old Romance, for Cello and Piano, 2014
On Seven Hills - cantata for chorus, unaccompanied by the Orthodox canonical texts, poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, and Vladimir Nabokov (1997)
Opyat nad polem Kulikovym, sonata for bayan. 1980
Piano Sonata No.3 (1971)
Piano Sonata No.5 (2010)
Prayer of St Joasaph Belgorod (2007)
Pskov Suite for Balalaika and Piano
Russia Cities, suite for four harps, 1975
RUSSIAN CITIES new edition for harp quartet (Pskov, Uglich, Suzdal, Vladimir)
Russian Songs for Voice and Piano (1967-1969)
Sinfonietta for two bayans and symphony orchestra
Sonata - diptych for Cello and Organ (Piano). 1971
Sonata for Bayan (accordion) No. 3
Sonata for Bayan No. 1, 1976
Sonata for Cello and Organ, 1996
SONATA for domra alto and piano
SONATA for harp in 3 movements
Sonata for Organ No. 2 after Rasputin`s The Fire (1986)
Sonata for Organ 1 (1980)
Sonatina - Impromptu for Violin and Piano (1971)
SONATINA - PASTORAL for harp in 2 parts
Stanza of Ivan the Terrible for cello and accordion (1994)
Suite Firenze
Symphony 1 (Vocal-symphonic pictures) for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1969)
The four sonnets of William Shakespeare for mixed choir (2006-2009)
THIRD SONATA for organ
Three choirs for female voices, words by A. L. Chizhevsky (2003)
Three Romances, sacred lyrics by Russian poets (2006-08)
Thy Passion, Six Spiritual Concerts for each day of Holy Week (2011)
To the End, for female choir (1991), lyrics by N. Rubtsov
Visions on the Hill. Cantata for mixed choir, poems by N. Rubtsov, 1983
`Doctor Zhivago` ballet music
`Russian Romance` - Waltz from the music for TV movie
`Skladen`. Diptych for accordion and organ.
`The Word` - Cantata for chorus, unaccompanied by texts from Slovo o Polku Igoreve (1985)

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