John Mark Ainsley

John Mark Ainsley (tenor)

Hess 205 Alternative version of the song `The dream` WoO 155 14

This Welsh folk song is the original version of the song which is now catalogued as WoO 155 Nr. 14. This version differs in the ritornello between the verses and in the conclusion. The manuscript of this version is in the Paris Conservatory.

Last night worn with anguish that tortur`d my breast
When my senses benumb`d I at length sank to rest;
The passion that waking has ruled o`er my mind
Still woke in my dreams where it rov`d unconfin`d.

Methought that my fair one o`ercome by my pain
Assented at length to reward her fond swain;
And soon at the altar she stood by my side
To the priest I already `I will` had replied.

Her reply I awaited with transport of soul
When death to my hopes! did the matin bell toll
I started awoke and with horror I found
`Twas a dream that maliciously fled at the sound.

O Vision that thus hast beguiled my poor heart!
Fly to her and shew all the truth without art;
Present me the victim of love and despair
And incline to compassion the obdurate fair.

26 Walisische Lieder: 14 `The Dream`, WoO 155/14 (Beethoven)
Ursula Smith - cello. 1996, London.
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