Salieri the hard work has attained fame and recognition indulges serious meditations. His path to art was difficult and thorny. First he `believed harmony with algebra` then began to create achieved prominence in the music world. But his rest disturbed - was Mozart. Everything comes easily to him because he`s a genius. Painfully jealous Salieri. Mozart comes to him in high spirits with his old violinist who was playing in the street popular melodies from his operas. But Salieri annoying inept play the old man - he drives it away. Mozart sits down at the piano playing a new fantasy. Salieri shaken its depth courage harmony ... The decision is ripe Mozart to die - `or we all die we all the priests the ministers of music` ...

Salieri Mozart invited to dine with him at a restaurant. But that thoughtful gloomy. A thought depressed him. One day a man came to him dressed all in black and ordered a Requiem Mass - Requiem. And it seems to Mozart that he wrote this requiem for himself that he has only a short time to live. At this time Salieri sneak throws poison into his glass of wine. Mozart drinks it plays an excerpt from the Requiem then leaves. Once again the nagging doubts enveloped soul Salieri could as Mozart said casually `genius and evil are incompatible?`.

Premiere - 6 18 in November 1898 on the stage of the Russian Private Opera Theatre Mamontov. In the role of Salieri made Shalyapin.

Opera  `Mozart and Salieri`, op. 48 (Rimsky-Korsakov)
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Opera  `Mozart and Salieri`, op. 48 (Rimsky-Korsakov)
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