Songs 1 3 8 arranged for baritone and orchestra 1905
`I have trod the upward and the downward slope` was added to the original eight songs in 1960 after the composer`s death
Songs 2 4 5 6 7 9 arranged for baritone & orchestra by Roy Douglas 1962

`The Vagabond`
`Let Beauty Awake`
`The Roadside Fire`
`Youth and Love`
`In Dreams`
`The Infinite Shining Heavens`
`Whither Must I Wander`
`Bright Is the Ring of Words`
`I Have Trod the Upward and the Downward Slope`

Songs of Travel,  (Vaughan-Williams)

Songs of travel (1901-04):
I. The vagabond 00:00
II. Let beauty awake 03:14
III. The roadside fire 05:14
IV. Youth and love 07:38
V. In dreams 11:21
VI. The infinite shining heavens 14:18
VII. Whither must I wander? 16:55
VIII. Bright is the ring of words 20:59
IX. I have trod the upward and the downward slope 22:50
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