Alvina Veselko
Alvina Veselko (oboe)

Autumn sketches for the reader, soprano, oboe, cello and piano in 3 movements, poems by S. Esenin, op.100 (Smirnova)
Part 1 - `Quiet is my region after the storm, after the storm...` Part 2 - `Silence` three-part `Mysterious world, world of my old ...` Andrew Getman (spokesman), Elena Zolotow (soprano), Alvin Veselko (oboe) , Zhazira Abdigali (cello), Olga Shamak (piano). A recital of the composer and pianist, Honoured Artist of Russia, Professor of the Moscow Conservatory Tatyana Smirnova in the Mirror Hall Institute of Arts 18.1.2012. Comments by the author.
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