Opera `La figlia del reggimento` (1840),  (Donizetti)

Gaetano Donizetti (1797–1848)

Opera `La figlia del reggimento` (1840)

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Act One. In the Tyrolean mountains
Marquis de Berkenfild with his manager hydrangea escapes from enemy troops. They are in despair, seeks refuge from the war, ended up in the inferno. Suddenly the...Read more
Act One. In the Tyrolean mountains
Marquis de Berkenfild with his manager hydrangea escapes from enemy troops. They are in despair, seeks refuge from the war, ended up in the inferno. Suddenly the noise and panic subside. Approaching second Grenadier Regiment Sergeant Sulpice. It soothes the Marquis: the enemy defeated and thrown far back. From a distance came the cheerful singing. It approaches canteen-keeper Marie. Sulpice asks the girl what she was concerned. Marie says that falling in love with a young Tyroleans who saved her life, if he had not, she would have fallen in the mountains over the precipice. Sulpice dissatisfied. Eighteen years ago, Marie was a baby found on the battlefield. Since then, she has a daughter Regiment - favorite grenadiers - each replaced her father. It has long been agreed that, when Marie grows up, she will marry only for the grenadier. Appears soldiers patrol. He stopped a suspicious person who was wandering around. If it`s an enemy spy, he should be shot. But Marie learns the stranger his savior Tonio and demands immediate release Tyroleans. Marie explains Tonio that has pledged to marry a grenadier. Tonio does not bother - to win the hand of his beloved, he will enter into and become a grenadier regiment. Marquise asks Sulpice give her soldiers to hold up to the castle Berkenfild. The name of the castle Sulpice seems familiar - it was mentioned in the note found with Marie eighteen years ago. Marquis Sulpice shows the note, which always carries with him. Marquis shocked Marie her illegitimate daughter, who disappeared in the mountains, eighteen years ago. Along with hydrangeas they decide to give Marie a niece awnings. Marquis demands that regiment returned she had long gone missing relative. Sulpice to agree. Marie found embracing his aunt. At this time, Tonio finds corporal and asked to write it in the regiment of grenadiers. Corporal willing recruits new grenadier. Sulpice back to Marie. Marie says Tonio that she found a rich and illustrious relative and left the regiment. Now they meet again or not - is unknown, but she will only love him. Tonio, despite the separation from Mary, remains in the shelf and decided to win military glory.

Act II. The castle Berkenfild
A year passed. Retired Sulpice came to visit Marie. It meets the Marquis. She wants to bring the old man to his side for the implementation of plans of marriage Marie. Marquis opens Sulpice truth - Marie her illegitimate daughter, and the only way for her to get the nobility and enter into high society - is to marry a nobleman. Of the groom Marquis found: this Duke Krakvitorp. Today he comes to his mother, and shall have signed the marriage contract. Marquise asks Sulpice persuade Marie to accept. Marie appears. Beneath the cover of well-bred young lady hiding all the same simple girl - the daughter of the regiment. Marie stops singing a sensitive ballad to perform military march. Sulpice tries to persuade her not to think more about Tonio and marry a duke. Left alone, Marie bitterly ponders his fate, finding a house and name, she should forget about your friends and loved one. Suddenly the street heard singing soldiers. This Grenadier Regiment close to the castle. Marie delighted greets his old friends. Tonio runs. He happily greets Marie and Sulpice. For the year, he achieved great success - became an officer and now commands the Grenadier Regiment. Marquis categorically denies Tonio in hand Marie. Hortensius announces the arrival of the Duke and Duchess Krakvitorp, with them came the notary. Begins reading the marriage contract. Tonio by starting a last resort, the Duke and Duchess announce that the bride was the last regimental canteen-keeper. Know indignantly left the castle. Marquis forced to agree to the marriage with Marie Tonio. Marie is happy. Daughter of the Regiment, becoming the wife of an officer, returns to his part.

The premiere took place on February 11, 1840 in Paris, at the Opera-up comedian.


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Marie - Joan Sutherland, Tonio - Luciano Pavarotti, La Marquise de Berkenfield - Monica Sinclair, Hortensius - Jules Bruyère, Sulpice - Spiro Malas, Le caporal - Eric Garrett, La duchesse de Crakentorp - Edith Coates, Un paysan - Alan Jones, Un notaire - Omar Gorde. 1967.

Marie - June Anderson, Tonio - Alfredo Kraus, Sulpice - Michel Trempont, La Marquise - Hélia T`Hézan, Hortentius - Antoine Garcin, Un Caporal - Jean-Noël Bèguelin, La Duchesse (rôle parlé) - Jeanne Perez, Un Notaire (rôle parlé) Manuel de Lerena. Recorded: May 14 & 19, 1986, Paris.

1989. Maria - Luciana Serra, Tonio - William Matteuzzi, Sulpizio - Enzo Dara, Marchesa - Monica Tagliasacchi, Duchessa - Mildedla d`Amico, Ortensio - Giancarlo Tosi, Un Notaio - Ivan del Manto, Un Caporale - Giuseppe Musinu, Un paesano - Walter Brighi, Una Pianista - Paola Molinari.

Marie - Beverly Sills, Tonio - Grayson Hirst, Sulplice - Fernando Corena, La Maquise - Muriel Costa-Greenspon, Hortensius - John Ostendorf,
La Duchesse - N Dova. Orchestra & Chorus - American Opera Society. 13 February 1970, New York, Carnegie Hall.

Giuseppe Campora - tenor, Antonio Cassinelli - bass, Giulio Fioravanti - baritone, Tommaso Frascati - tenor, Jolanda Gardino - mezzo-soprano,
Anna Moffo - soprano, Teodoro Rovetta - baritone. Recorded: December 2, 1960, Milan.

1950. Marie - Lina Pagliughi, Tonio - Cesare Valletti, Sulplice - Sesto Bruscantini, La Maquise - Rina Corsi, Hortensius - Eraldo Coda.

Recorded January 11, 1969, Milan, Italy