`Renard: Histoire burlesque` (1917), K023 (Stravinsky)

Igor Stravinsky (1882–1971)

`Renard: Histoire burlesque` (1917), K023

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A burlesque story about the fox, the cock, the cat and the goat, to be sung and played on the stage. Text adapted by Igor Stravinsky from Russian popular tales

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Gerald English, John Mitchinson - tenors; Peter Glossop - baritone; Joseph Rouleau - bass; John Leach - cimbalom. 1964.


Artyom Melikhov, Alexandr Trofimov, Yaroslav Petryanik, Andrei Serov. 26.05.2016, Royal Festival Hall, London

Sung in English. George Shirley, Loren Driskoll - tenors, William Murphy - baritone, Donald Gramm - bass. Toni Coves - cimbalom. Columbia Chamber Ensemble. Recorded in New York 26.01.1962.