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12 Koan Meditations, computer music (2005)
2 Idiomele for baritone and piano (1991)
3 Mystical Chorals for chorus (1990)
3 German Christmas Chorals for organ (1997)
3 Paraphrases for Pan Flute and Orchestra (1985)
Agnus Dei for soprano, female chorus (SA), organ (2017)
Ave Maria for Soprano and Organ (1987)
Ave Maria in E-flat major for Soprano (or tenor), piano (2013)
Ave Maria in D minor for Soprano (or tenor) and piano (2013)
Ave Maria in G major for Soprano (or tenor), piano (1996)
CARNYX for solo clarinet
Choralis anamorphoticus for organ (1984)
Dr. Rhythm DR-55 for electronic (tape music) (1986)
Gloria Heroum Holocausti for mezzo-soprano solo, choir, orchestra (1979)
Gloria for mixed chorus (SATB), organ (2017)
Kyrie eleison for choir and organ (2017)
La Ballade du Palais Hante for soprano, piano (1999)
Missa actio gratiarum oecumenica for chorus (1993)
Missa Beatus Vladimir Ghika for mixed chorus, organ (2017)
Missa brevis for chorus (1993)
Missa Sanctae Theresiae ab Infante Iesu for female chorus, organ (2017)
Natalis Domini for chorus (1991)
Preludio e Canto di Speranza for ensemble (1981)
Preludio ed un`altra apparizione di Eona for soprano, piano (2007)
Sanctus et Benedictus for mixed chorus (SATB), organ (2017)
1804, 2 pieces (computer music) (2004)
AFSOC, computer music (2017)
El Malei Rachamim for cello, organ (or piano) (2018)
Exodus, visual music (2013-14)
Ha` Shoah for cello and piano (2015)
In Aeternum for viola, electronic music (2018)
Kalushar for marimba (2014)
Kolob for organ (2016)
Lux Perpetua for cello and piano (1998)
Malinconia for 4 bassoons (2003)
Medium α for harp (1995)
Medium φ for flute (1996)
Oracion for soprano, cello, piano (1998)
Rock Shock for violin, piano (2017)
Shoah, Computer Music (2013)
Signalis for brass quintet, magnetic tape (1980)
Sorcova for Mixed Chorus (SSATB) (1975)
Sources 2050 for choir, orchestra (1978)
Tilinca for 2 clarinets (B♭) (2018)
Tu es Sacerdos for mixed chorus, organ (2017)
`Anamorphose` for string quartet (1976)
Anamorphosis for cello and piano (2007)
Epiphany for Cello and Piano (1995)
God Bless Our Prophet Dear for mixed chorus (SATB) (2013)
God Bless America for string quartet (2003)
In Memoriam Daniel Pearl for piano (2010)
In Memory of My Angel for piano (2011)
In Memoriam for soprano (or tenor), organ (or piano) (2018)
Waves, winds...for chorus (1988)
Waves for flute and piano (2016)
The Raven for electronic tape , free instrument(s) (2018)
Trees Die Standing, computer music (2003)
Trees Die Standing, computer music (2003)
Trees Die Standing, computer music (2003)
George Enescu Forever - Transylvanian Bluegrass for violin solo, string orchestra or quartet (2006)
For Anna Sutyagina for piano, tape (2016)
Horn Call Rag french for horn, piano (1986)
Shofar Call for trumpet (C), organ (2018)
Sounds of Mars for violin, piano and tape (2004)
Jesus, Lover of My Soul for mixed chorus (SATB) and organ (2018)
Continuum/Clock, Computer Music (2010)
Lion of Judah for organ (2016)
Prayer of Jesus for string orchestra (1997)
Moments, Electroacoustic Symphony (2014)
Music for President Gordon B. Hinckley, computer music (2005)
Music for McClellan Family, computer music (2005-14)
We Believe for flute and piano (2018)
The Most Beautiful Moments In My Life, computer music (2017)
Nina, piece for cello, piano (or organ) (2014)
New Bugle Rag for flute, cello, piano (2004)
Fires On The Hill, piece for piano 4-hands (2016)
The Lake for mixed chorus (SATB) (1982)
Onirophonie, Piece for flute, violin, piano (1982)
Our Father for children`s choir (1991)
Pentagon, computer music (2010)
Songs of the Heart, computer music (2013)
Song for Sue for choir, 3 trumpets in C, banjo and organ (2003)
Cries from Earth to Heaven for orchestra (2007)
Homage to Avihu Medina, 2 Hebrew Songs for violin, piano (2013)
Homage to Cornelia Petroiu for reciter, live electronic music (2014)
Homage to my Mother for orchestra, mixed chorus (SATB), violin, organ (2017)
Homage to Sholem Aleichem for flute, piano (2018)
Yesteryear Song for violin and piano (1983)
Retro for clarinet (B♭), trumpet (C), trombone, percussion, piano (1976)
Rodica, valse for baritone and piano (2017)
Happy Birthday, Rodica, Waltz for flute, piano (2017)
Make America Great Again! for piano (2017)
Constellations, piece for orchestra (1977)
There, 3 songs for soprano and piano
La Nuit Obscure, piece for chamber orchestra (1999)
Transgressio for flute, oboe, bassoon (1989)
Moroni`s Trumpet for trumpet, organ (2007)
Chimaera for alto saxophone (E♭), vibraphone, tape (1984)
The Circle, piece for piano (1975)
Challenger for chamer ensemble (1986)
Echoes for taragot (or clarinet (B♭)) (2015)
I never thought... for chorus (1989)
American Air for Symphony Orchestra (2004)
American Rhapsody for clarinet and chamber orchestra (2013)
The Serpent, ballet (2017)
Kyra Kyralina, ballet (2016)
Baroque Variations for orchestra (1983)
Battuta a 4 (2004)
Infinite Song, computer music (2002)
Blues In Memory of Jaco Pastorius for trumpet, organ (2014)
Blues for Rodica for jazz band (2017)
President Trump Waltz for flute and tape (2017)
Variations on song `Andenken` by Leopold I of Belgium, computer music (2014)
Byzantine Poem for symphony orchestra (1989)
Hymn to St. Anthony of Padua for vocal (chorus) and piano (organ) (2018)
The Hymn of Saint Apostle Andrew for mixed chorus (1991)
Dionysies I for clarinet (1978)
Dionysies II for trombone and percussion (1978)
Dracula`s Rag for harpsichord (1996)
Yidisher Air for flute, piano (2018)
Invocatio for Solo Flute (2006)
Per Christum, cantata for mixed chorus (SATB), orchestra (1997)
Capriccio on a Theme of Tom Jobim for violin solo (2012)
Klezmer Fantasy for flute, piano (2018)
Klezmer Joke for flute and piano (2018)
Klezmer Little Dance for clarinet and piano (2018)
Klezmer Suite for 2 clarinets and piano (2018)
Klezmer Dance for clarinet, violin, piano (2010)
Concerto GRIEGoriano for piano and orchestra (1997)
Concerto for piano and Orchestra No.2 (2016)
Conceptofonia for cello and piano (2000)
Lontano Ragtime No 1 for 2 flutes, 2 violins, piano (1984)
Meditatio for organ (1990)
Slow Waltz for guitar, piano, drums, bass (2008)
Prayer I for Organ (2018)
Prayer for Piano (2017)
Prayer for the Victims of the Holocaust for organ (2017)
Debussy, opera (1999)
Miss Christina, opera (1981)
Romanian Winter Oratorio for Voices and Orchestra (1979)
Passage 26.03.2017 for organ, tape (ad lib.) (2017)
Passage for 4 clarinets (2004)
Bucharest, song for voice and piano (2017)
Summer Memories, song for soprano, piano (2008)
Mazal Tov Israel, song for soprano and piano (2018)
My Country, song for 1 or 2 sopranos, piano (2017)
Holy God, song for baritone, harp and piano (1991)
The Black Rose, song for Mezzo-soprano and piano (1986)
Prairie Song for violin, electronics (2017)
The Last Tango for 2 guitars (2016)
Postludium for organ (1975)
Orthodox Liturgy for chorus (1991)
Prelude for piano (2018)
Tribute to Avram Iancu and Simion Balint, computer music (2016)
A Tribute in Honor of Ariel Sharon for electronic sounds (2014)
Tribute to Joseph Smith for virtual orchestra (2005)
Psalm 145 for tenor, children`s chorus, percussion, piano (1991)
Requiem for soprano, tenor, mixed chorus (SATB), orchestra (1990)
Sephardic Prayer for alto saxophone (E♭) (2016)
Symphony No.1 `Shadows` (1980)
Symphony No.2 `Via Lucis` (1985)
Symphony No.3 (1986)
Symphony No.4 (1987)
Symphony No.5 (1987)
Symphony No.6 (1988)
Symphony No.7 `Cello Memoirs` (2003)
Symphony No.8 `Tom & Huck` (2010)
Symphony No.9 `God Bless Romania` (2016)
Dreams I, computer music (2018)
Piano Sonata (1982-88)
Old Mormon Songs for cello (1993-2004)
String Quartet No.2 (1988)
String Quartet No.3 (2008)
String Quartet No.4 (2009)
Tango for Yvar for piano (1983)
Sukkot Dance for 2 clarinets and piano (2018)
Turkish Bolero for 4 cellos and Orchestra (2002)
Fantasy On How Great Thou Art for piano (2018)
Hasidic Poem for clarinet (B♭), organ (2009)
Joke for Andrew Simon for clarinet (2003)
Epitaph for a Martyr without Tomb for piano (2017)
Epos I for 3 cellos (1974)
Epos II for 2 cellos (1974)
Epos III for cello (1974)
Sketches for a Barcarolle for piano and voice (1978)
Sketches for an Unfinished Song for countertenor & tambour, piano (1986)
Sketches for an Epilogue for wind ensemble (1979)
Echoes I for cello and tape (1976)
Echoes II for 2 voices, cello, tape (1978)
Amazing Grace Echo for cello and piano (2001)