Versus de Herico duce (799),  (Aquileia)

Paulinus II of Aquileia (726–802)

Versus de Herico duce (799)


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Estelle Buenard (vocals, reed flutes), Carol Matras (vocals), Pierre Bouris (vocals), Guillaume Ede (vocals), Jean-Loup Decamp (epic singing, lyre, bowed lyre, cistra), Christophe Tellar (organistrum, lyre, psalmody), Katya Kare (ensemble leader, recorder, vocals). Fontevrault Abbey, October 2012.

John Buttrey, Neil Jenkins (ténors) / Maurice Bevan (baryton) / Alfred Deller (contre-tenor) / 1974

FROM CD ``Suso in Italia Bella``. LA REVERDIE. Recorded at Sesto al Reghena, Italy, April 18-22, 1995.


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