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Henry Purcell (1659–1695)

Opera `Dido and Aeneas`, Z 626

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SOPRANOS: Kym Amps, Anna Crookes, Ghislaine Morgan; MEZZO-SOPRANO: Sarah Connolly; COUNTERTENORS: Angus Davidson, David Gould; TENORS: Robin Doveton, Julian Podger; BASSES: Colin Campbell, David van Asch. Recorded at All Saints Church, East Finchley (England), October 16-18, 1994.
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August 1965.
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Dame Janet Baker (Dido); Norma Burrowes (Belinda); Felicity Lott (2 Woman); Peter Pears (Aeneas); Anna Reynolds (Sorceress); Felicity Palmer (1 Witch); Alfreda Hodgson (2 Witch); Robert Tear (1 Sailor). London Opera Chorus, Aldeburgh Festival Orchestra. December 1975, London.
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Dido: Claire Watson; Aeneas: Peter Pears; Belinda: Jeannette Sinclair; Sorceress: Arda Mandikian; 2nd Women: Patricia Clark; Witches: Jean Allister, Rosemary Philips; Spirit: John Hahessy; 1st Sailor: Michael Ronayne. PURCELL SINGERS. English Opera Group Orchestra. George Malcom, Harpsichord Continuo. BBC Studios, 29/30 September 1959. Realized and conducted by B.Britten.
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Steve Dugardin (Countertenor), Jonathan Arnold (Bass Baritone), Sophie Marin-Degor (Soprano), Véronique Gens (Soprano), Claire Brua (Mezzo Soprano), Sophie Daneman (Soprano), Nathan Berg (Bass Baritone), Jean-Paul Fouchécourt (Tenor), William Christie (Harpsichord). Recording: 11/1994, Théâtre-Opéra de Massy, Essonne, France.
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`New Siberian Singers`. Dido - Simone Kermes. 
Belinda - Deborah York. 
Aeneas - Dimitris Tiliakos. 
Sorceress - Oleg Ryabetz. 
Two Women - Margarita Mezentseva, Sofia Fomina. 2007.
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Nuria Rial (soprano), Anna Prohaska (soprano), Vitaly Polonsky (choirmaster), orch. & choir MusicAeterna (Perm) / cond. - Teodor Currentzis / Live Rec. 2014
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Carolyn Watkinson - Dido / Ruth Holton - Belinda / George Mosley - Aeneas / Teresa Shaw - Sorceress. UK, 07.1990.
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Dido Susan Graham (mezzo-soprano), Aeneas Ian Bostridge (tenor), Belinda Camilla Tilling (soprano), Second Woman Cécile de Boever (soprano), Sorceress Felicity Palmer (contralto), Spirit David Daniels (countertenor), A Sailor Paul Agnew (tenor), European Voices, Le Concert d`Astrée, Emmanuelle Haïm direction & harpsichord, 2003.
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Ann Murray (mezzo-soprano, Dido oder Elissa, Köning von Karthago),Rachel Yakar (soprano, Belinda),Anton Scharinger (baritone, Aeneas), Trudeliese Schmidt (Zauberin/Sorceress, mezzo-soprano), Paul Esswood (spirit, countertenor), Josef Köstlinger (Seemann/sailor;tenor), Elisabeth von Magnus (mezzo-soprano, second woman; first witch), Helrun Gardow (soprano, Zweite Hexe/second witch). Arnold-Schoenberg-Chor (chorus master: Erwin G.Ortner).
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Catherine BOTT (Didona), Emma KIRKBY (Belinda), John Mark AINSLEY (Aeneas). The Academy of Ancient Music Chorus and Orchestra. 1992, Walthamstow Assembly Hall.
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Dido - Kirsten Flagstad (Soprano); Aeneas - Thomas Hemsley (Tenor); Belinda, Second Woman, Spirit - Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (Soprano); First Woman - Eilidh McNab (Soprano); First Witch - Sheila Rex (Soprano); Sorceress - Arda Mandikian (Mezzo Soprano); Second Witch - AMermaid Singersnna Pollak (Soprano); Sailor - David Lloyd (Tenor). Mermaid Orchestra. 1951-52.
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June 2008 - with Patricia Bardon, Sarah Tynan, Carys Lane, Rebecca Outram, John Mark Ainsley, William Purefoy - Enlightenment Chorus
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October 1961.
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TAVERNER CHOIR & PLAYERS with Emily Van EVERA (soprano) and Ben PARRY (tenor). Recorded at St Giles`s Cripplegate, London, in September 1994.
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Nuria Rial (soprano), Céline Scheen (soprano), Romina Basso (mezzosoprano), Damien Guillon (countertenor), Alex Potter (countertenor), Furio Zanasi (baritone) / Ricercar Consort & Collegium Vocale Gent, conducted by Philippe Pierlot / 2006
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Live - 1966 - Gyndebourne Festival - Janet Baker (Dido), Thomas Hemsley (Aeneas), Yvonne Minton (Sorceress), Elizabeth Robson (Belinda), Clare Walmesley, Elizabeth Bainbridge, Lorna Elias (Enchantresses), Ryland Davies (Sailor) Glyndebourne Festival Chorus - Please note there is a small sound drop at one point.
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