Alfred Schnittke

Alfred Schnittke (1934–1998)
op. 5 Fugue for solo violin (1953)
op. 6 5 Preludes adn fuga for Piano. 1953-54
op. 8 Violin Sonata (1954-55)
op. 17 Symphony 0 (conservatory composition) (1956-57)
op. 18 Concerto for violin and orchestra 1 (1957)
op. 19 `Nagasaki`, oratorio for mezzo-soprano, mixed chorus and orchestra (1958)
op. 20 `wherever you go or travel` for chorus a cappella (1957)
op. 23 Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1960)
op. 30 Violin Sonata 1 (1963)
op. 31 Prelude and Fugue (1963)
op. 35 Music for Chamber Orchestra. 1964
op. 36 Three Poems by Marina Tsvetaeva
op. 37 Dialogue for Cello and Seven Instruments (1965)
op. 38 Improvisation and Fugue for piano (1965)
op. 39 Variations on a one chord for piano (1965)
op. 40 "Adventures of a dentist" (1965) motion picture soundtreck
op. 42 Concerto for violin and orchestra 2 (1966)
op. 43 String quartet No. 1 in C-dur (1966)
op. 46 "Commissioner" (1967) motion picture soundtreck
op. 47 `Pianissimo ...` for large symphony orchestra (1968)
op. 49 Violin Sonata 2 `Quasi una sonata` (1968)
op. 50 Sonata 1 for violin and orchestra (1968)
op. 52 `The Sixth of July`. Music for the film (1968)
op. 55 "Glass harmonica" (1968) motion picture soundtreck
op. 59 `Flow`, electronic composition (1969)
op. 60 "Waltz" (1969) motion picture soundtreck
op. 64 Concerto for Oboe, Harp and String Orchestra. 1971
op. 65 Canon in Memory of Stravinsky for string quartet (1971)
op. 67 Ballet `The Labyrinths` (1971)
op. 70 "Sport, Sport, Sport" (1971) motion picture soundtreck
op. 78 Symphony 1 (1969-1972)
op. 79 `Voices of Nature` for the ten female voices and vibraphone (1972)
op. 80 Suite in Old Style for Violin and Piano (1972)
op. 90 "My Past and Thoughts" (1973) motion picture soundtreck
op. 91 Congratulatory Rondo in C Major for Violin and Piano (1973)
op. 94 Yellow sound, stage composition for the pantomime, instrumental ensemble, solo soprano and mixed choir (1974)
op. 95 "The Agony" (1973-74) motion picture soundtreck
op. 96 Hymn I for cello, harp and timpani (1974)
op. 97 Hymn II for cello and double bass (1974)
op. 98 Hymn III for cello, bassoon, harpsichord and bells (1974)
op.101 Requiem from music to drama, Schiller"s "Don Carlos" for soloists, mixed chorus and instrumental ensemble (1975)
op.104 Prelude in Memory of D. Shostakovich for two violins (1975)
op.106 "Autumn" (1975) motion picture soundtreck
op.108 Piano Quintet (1976)
op.111 Moz-Art for two violins. 1976
op.115 "Clowns and Children" (1976) motion picture soundtreck
op.116 "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" (1976) motion picture soundtreck
op.119 Concerto Grosso 1 for two violins, harpsichord, prepared piano and string orchestra (1977)
op.121 Magdalena for Voice and Piano (lyrics by B. Pasternak) 1977
op.122 Moz-Art a la Haydn for two violins and eleven strings (1977)
op.124 "The Adventures of Grass" (1977) motion picture soundtreck
op.125 `The Story of an Unknown Actor` (1977) motion picture soundtreck
op.126 "Climbing" (1977) motion picture soundtreck
op.127 In memoriam (orchestral version of the Piano Quintet) (1972-1978)
op.128 Concert for violin and orchestra 3 (1978)
op.129 Sonata 1 for Cello and Piano (1978)
op.134 Hymn IV for cello, bassoon, double bass, harpsichord, harp, timpani and bells (1974-79)
op.135 Symphony 2 `St. Florian` for soloists, chamber choir and orchestra in six parts (1979)
op.136 Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra (1979)
op.137 Polyphonic Tango (1979)
op.138 Quiet music for violin and cello (1979)
op.139 Dedication to Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich (1979)
op.142 Passacaglia for large orchestra (1979-80)
op.143 `Gogol Suite` in eight parts (Suite from music to performance Taganka Theater `The Census List`) (1981)
op.144 Three madrigal for soprano and five instruments (1980)
op.147 `Minnesang` for 52 voices (1980-81)
op.148 String quartet No. 2, the memory of Larisa Shepitko (1980)
op.149 Two small pieces for organ (1980)
op.151 "The Crew" (1980) motion picture soundtreck
op.153 Little Tragedies.The music for the film (1980)
op.155 Symphony 3 (1981)
op.159 Concerto Grosso 2 for violin, cello and orchestra (1981-82)
op.161 Lebenslauf for four metronomes, three percussion and piano (1982)
op.162 `A Paganini` for violin solo (1982)
op.167 `The History of Dr. Johann Faust`, cantata for countertenor, contralto, tenor, bass, mixed chorus and orchestra (1983)
op.168 String Quartet No. 3 (1983)
op.174 "Tale of Wanderings" (1983) motion picture soundtreck
op.176 Symphony 4 for chorus, soloists and chamber orchestra (1984)
op.177 Concerto for violin and orchestra 4 (1984)
op.182a `The Dead Souls` - music for the film
op.183 `Ritual (In memory of those killed in World War II)` for large symphony orchestra (1984-85)
op.186 Sketches. Ballet based on Nikolai Gogol
op.187 (K)ein Sommernachtstraum (1985)
op.188 Concerto Grosso 3 for two violins, harpsichord, prepared piano and string orchestra (1985)
op.189 Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (1985)
op.190 `Music for an imaginary play` (1985) motion picture soundtreck
op.191 String trio (1985)
op.193 Concerto for Cello and Orchestra 1 (1985-86)
op.194 `Peer Gynt`, ballet in 3 acts with an epilogue. Libretto by J. Neumeier same name by H. Ibsen`s drama. (1986)
op.194B Epilogue from the ballet "Peer Gynt" for cello, piano and tape recording (1993)
op.196 Sonata 2 for violin and chamber orchestra `Quasi una sonata` (1987)
op.197 Piano Sonata 1 (dedicated to Vladimir Feltsman) (1987-88)
op.200 Symphony 5 (Concerto Grosso 4) (1988)
op.201 Concerto for Piano (four hands) and String Orchestra (1988)
op.203 Penitential poems for mixed chorus unaccompanied in twelve parts (1987)
op.204 Piano Quartet (1988)
op.205 `Sounding Letters (Klingende Buchstaben)`, for solo cello (1988)
op.206 Monologue for viola and chamber orchestra (1989)
op.207 Eroffnungsvers zum Ersten Festspielsonntag (Entry to the first Sunday holiday) for a four-voiced mixed chorus and organ (1989)
op.209 String Quartet No. 4 (1989)
op.211 Concerto for Cello and Orchestra 2 (1990)
op.213 Madrigal memory of Oleg Kagan for solo violin (1990)
op.215 Five Aphorisms for piano (1990)
op.216 Piano Sonata 2 (dedicated to Irina Schnittke) (1990)
op.219 The opera `Life with an Idiot` on the libretto Erofeeva (1990-91)
op.223 Concerto Grosso 5 for violin, piano and orchestra (1991)
op.225 Symphony 6 (1992)
op.226 Agnus dei (1992)
op.227 Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (1992)
op.228 `Musica Nostalgica` for cello and piano (1992)
op.229 Piano Sonata 3 (1992)
op.230 "The End of St. Petersburg" (1992) motion picture soundtreck
op.232 Opera `Gesualdo` in seven scenes with prologue and epilogue (1993)
op.233 Dedication to Grieg for two violins, solo and orchestra (1993)
op.234 Symphony 7 (1993)
op.235 Concerto Grosso 6 for piano, violin and chamber orchestra (1993)
op.237 Improvisation for cello solo (1993)
op.238 "The Master and Margarita" (1993) motion picture soundtreck
op.239 Opera `History of Doctor Johann Faustus` (1994)
op.241 Symphony 8 (1994)
op.243 Konzert zu dritt for violin, viola, cello and chamber orchestra, 1994
op.244 Five fragments of the paintings Hieronymus Bosch for tenor and small orchestra (part of an unfinished Cantata) (1994)
op.246 Sonata 2 for Cello and Piano (1994)
op.247 Quartet for Percussion (1994)
op.248 Violin Sonata 3 (1994)
op.249 Minuet for String Trio (1994)
op.252 Collection of songs these (part 3 Choral Concert) arranged for String Quartet (1997)
op.252 Variations for String Quartet. 1997
op.253 Symphony No.9 (unfinished) (1996-1998)
Lux aeterna for mixed choir and orchestra (1994)
Music to the cartoon `Babochka` (1972)
Three Sacred Concerts
Concerto for Mixed Chorus (1984-85), text by Grigor Narekatsi
Music for Piano and Chamber Orchestra. 1964
Septet (1981-82)
Three Poems by Viktor Schnittke for Tenor and Piano (1988)
Serenade for violin, clarinet, double bass, piano and percussion (1968)
Sonatine for four hands piano, 1995
Four Hymns for Cello and Ensemble
Shall und Hall for Trombone and Organ
Winter, for mixed choir
Three Spiritual Choirs
Stille Nacht (Silent Night) for violin and piano
Parts of Works
Music for the movie You and Me (1971)